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empty nest

A family home inhabited by parents after their children have grown up and departed. Many parents feel depressed when they are left in an empty nest.
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empty nester

A parent whose children have moved out of the home. When our youngest goes off to college next year, we'll officially be empty nesters.
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empty nest

The home of parents whose children have grown up and moved out. For example, Now that they had an empty nest, Jim and Jane opened a bed-and-breakfast. This expression, alluding to a nest from which baby birds have flown, gave rise to such related ones as empty-nester, for a parent whose children had moved out, and empty-nest syndrome, for the state of mind of parents whose children had left. [c. 1970]
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an empty nester

An empty nester is a parent whose children have left home. I'm trying to prepare myself for becoming an empty nester when my youngest child goes to university.
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empty nester

a person whose children have grown up and left home. informal
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n. parents whose children have grown and moved out. There are a few adjustments that empty-nesters have to make.
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Although he didn't resort to taking on either of these new responsibilities, one full year since both his daughter, Ruby, 23, and son, Evan, 19, have been gone, he says that joining the ranks of Alaska's empty nesters has not been easy.
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