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and nurd (nɚd)
n. a dull and bookish person, usually a male. That whole gang of boys is just a bunch of nurds.

nerd magnet

n. a girl or woman who attracts dull males. Sally is weary of dating total drips. She is a classic nerd magnet.
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nerd mobile

n. a full-sized, uninteresting car; a family car. My father always buys some kind of stupid nerd mobile.
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nerd pack

n. a plastic sheath for holding pens in a pocket, protecting the cloth from ink. (This is the classic symbol of a bookish nerd.) A real nerd wears a nerd pack in the pocket of a dirty shirt.
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n. a technically oriented, dull person, typically a male computer enthusiast. My brother, who is a tech-nerd, spends more than ten hours a day on his computer.
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The word "nerd" received major boosts in popularity when it was used frequently in 1970s in the sitcom Happy Days and by the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds.
The media sources I examined include: the Revenge of the Nerd movies; Triumph of the Nerds, a documentary about the growth of the personal computer industry; several web sites relating to nerds, including a "Nerdity Test," which allows people to determine their "nerd quotient"; Coupland's (1995) novel Microserfs, about young computer programmers working for Microsoft in the late 1980s; and business-related magazine and newspaper articles obtained using searches on the term "nerd.
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Any programmer seeking to write applications for iOS or the Mac will find Aaron Hillegass' "Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide" to be a deftly written and specific introduction to programming using the Objective-C language and is based on Big Nerd Ranch's intensive Objective-C Bootcamp.
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