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and nurd (nɚd)
n. a dull and bookish person, usually a male. That whole gang of boys is just a bunch of nurds.

nerd magnet

n. a girl or woman who attracts dull males. Sally is weary of dating total drips. She is a classic nerd magnet.
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nerd mobile

n. a full-sized, uninteresting car; a family car. My father always buys some kind of stupid nerd mobile.
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nerd pack

n. a plastic sheath for holding pens in a pocket, protecting the cloth from ink. (This is the classic symbol of a bookish nerd.) A real nerd wears a nerd pack in the pocket of a dirty shirt.
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n. a technically oriented, dull person, typically a male computer enthusiast. My brother, who is a tech-nerd, spends more than ten hours a day on his computer.
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For now, the 300 titles on the NeRDs should be able to keep many service members busy for the foreseeable future.
With no need of further fossil discoveries the Word Nerd can answer: No.
Oxford's second definitions of both words are also synonymous, nerd as "an intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession" and geek as "a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest.
When Nugent describes his meetings with childhood friends from his nerd peer group, the bloggy tone gives way to precise storytelling.
Due to our business background the Need a Nerd model is based on strong service, marketing and business systems with a focus on customer technology needs.
Chuck spends his days working at the Nerd Herd booth at the Buy More store and his nights playing computer games.
NERD is designed to bridge the gap between perceived public opinion and actual response modes for which neither surveys nor focus groups can account.
Young people were able to put forward their votes online via a self-completion questionnaire and by visiting the Nerd campaign's summer tour bus at a series of mobile careers events throughout the summer.
Some examples are Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993), Good Will Hunting (1997), and "Family Matters," a sitcom showcasing Steve Urkel as "America's favorite nerd.
Nerd cars-such as the AMC Pacer featured in the movie "Wayne's World"-are becoming hot collector items and in need of classic car insurance.
Prior to the metaanalysis, there wasn't really persuasive evidence that proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are effective in NERD.
Prior to the metaanalysis there wasn't really persuasive evidence that protonpump inhibitors (PPIs) are effective in NERD.
Smell sometimes played a part in nerd identification, along with a strange, excited babbling noise, a language now known as ancient geek.