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not on your nelly

An expression of one's refusal to do something. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. A: "Will you go out to the barn and clean up after the horses?" B: "Not on your nelly!"
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Not on your nelly!

  (British & Australian old-fashioned)
something that you say in order to tell someone that you will not do something 'Perhaps you could take Phil with you to the party.' 'Not on your nelly!'
See also: not, on
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You proposed getting the plums, now let 's see you do it,' answered Nelly, rather crossly, for she had bitten the green plum, and it puckered her mouth.
Nelly looked up, and stared, and laughed, and clapped her hands when she saw what I was going to do.
cried Nelly, dancing down below, as my first shake sent a dozen plums rattling round her.
Nelly thought I was killed, and began to cry with her mouth full.
Nelly got stung by a wasp, my head began to ache, and we sat looking at one another rather dismally, when Nelly had a bright idea.
There 's too much juice,' said Nelly, shaking her head wisely.
So Nelly got a bowl, and I got a towel and lifted the big saucepan carefully off.
Nelly, seeing me lie white and weak, thought I was dying, and went over to the neighbor's for Aunt Betsey, and burst in upon the old ladies sitting primly at, their tea, crying, distractedly, " 'Oh, Aunt Betsey, come quick
We had plums enough that autumn, but did n't seem to care much about them, after all, for our prank became a household joke, and, for years, we never saw the fruit, but Nelly would look at me with a funny face, and whisper, 'Purple stockings, Fan
There's only so much anyone can take, for Nelly Karim, it was 11 years to be exact.
IN 1978 Nelly Senff and her son Alexej escape from East Germany to West Berlin to start a new life in this slow-burning drama.
Mum Nelly Reyes was told Travis Tolliver had died of a heart defect hours after he was born in hospital.
RAPPER and reality TV star Nelly is facing drug charges after police stopped a bus in Tennessee.
An attorney for Nelly says the rapper and reality TV star will be exonerated of felony drug charges once the facts are out.