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negotiate (with someone or something) (over someone or something)

 and negotiate (with someone or something) (about someone or something)
to bargain with someone or a group about someone or something. We decided to negotiate with them over the terms of the contract. We want to negotiate with them about the cost of the goods. They refused to negotiate with our purchasing agent.
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At such moments, the success of an entire operation rests with the negotiator.
A negotiator should not let his or her nonspoken indicators betray personal feelings toward the other side, the bargaining sessions in general, or the office position.
A benefit of having different mindsets within a company is that people from different areas can often help the negotiator develop assumptions about external negotiation partners.
The problem is that negotiators can't decide what "human-induced" actually includes.
In most situations, management and the union will come to agreement, either because their negotiators will find a formula that will take the negotiation to a level where both parties find it beneficial to collaborate or because one side will back off.
If the perpetrator accepts the negotiator's call, what type of reception will the negotiator receive?
53) Abu Ala, chief PLO negotiator, stressed the importance of Norwegian neutrality.
In "How to Become an Expert Negotiator as an Executive", ExecSense examines easy-to-implement tips and techniques used by the business world's best negotiators and leading executives that can immediately help you get the upper hand in your next situation that involves negotiations.
The Iranian negotiators interrupted the talks with the G5+1 for consultations in Tehran," a negotiator said on Thursday.
The [government and MILF peace] panels faced a moment of deadlock [when the government offered a draft of its proposed peace settlement]," peace negotiator Datu Mastura told the Luwaran, adding the "stalemate" was averted by the intervention of members of the International Contact Group, and the "even-handed handling of the tense moment" by Malaysian facilitator Tengku Dato Gafar.
That set up a means of communication, allowing the negotiator to speak with the gunman and the hostages.
On learning the location, both the negotiator and tactical elements of the emergency response team moved into the area.
Working on behalf of New York's leading building owners, managers and contractors, Salvatore was a principal negotiator with officials from Local 32B-32J, one of the city's largest unions.
Norway had played the role as third party negotiator in the on-off peace negotiations for more than 20 years.