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The piggy, black eyes set into the fat, neckless head, the thick brutish nose, and the sensuous lips raised above a cavernous mouth reveal the cynical identity of this bourgeois as none other than the traditional Jewish banker whose heartless greed is ironically signaled by the heart-shaped pendant dangling from his enormous belly.
Shrewd Smoggies will override the natural anti-Barcode responses pre-programmed in the Teesside DNA and be screaming for a dodgy Alan Shearer penalty and urging the neckless one to score.
The strip involved primary characters who were waist less but had arms and legs, neckless but had mouths and eyes; only one had a nose.
Hard-shell gourds come in a variety of shapes, from almost neckless baskets or balls, to more bulbous, upright-bottle types with constricted waists, to the "dipper" gourd with a round head at the end of a long, slender stem.
Although Davy Larmour's up there with his gold Liverpool neckless (remember them?
The jars are characterised by a bead-rim, a neckless and cylindrical shape and a tall, hollow base with small diameter (Figures 3 and 4), that Adams (1970: 100) nicknamed a 'torpedo-fuse point'; the base is alternatively known as a 'Spitzfuss' (Finster & Schmidt 1976: 92).