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neat as a new pin

Tidy; clean; in good or neat order. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but is was neat as a new pin!
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(as) neat as ninepence

Very tidy, neat, and well-organized; in good order. After my kids made me breakfast in bed, I expected the kitchen to be a mess. But was I ever surprised to find the whole place as neat as ninepence when I came downstairs! James is so meticulous with his office, always keeping it neat as ninepence.
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neat as a bandbox

Impeccably dressed; stylish. A bandbox is a container that was used to store accessories like collars and ruffs. Dave, I just love that suit and tie on you! You look neat as a bandbox!
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*neat as a pin

Cliché neat and orderly. (*Also: as ~.) Brad is such a good housekeeper; his apartment is always as neat as a pin. Joanne certainly is well-organized. Her desk is neat as a pin.
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1. mod. great; cool; fine. That was not a very neat thing to do.
2. exclam. Wow! (Usually Neat!) Neat! I’m glad you came.
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In all other respects, in the neatness of the dress, and even in the club-foot, he and the old gentleman were precisely alike.
8da YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Overall 9 Isles 10 Timer 11 Grenade 12 Gnu 13 Nuthatch 16 Cheapest 17 Vim 19 Chained 21 Delta 22 Nears 23 Distant DOWN: 1 Cottage 2 Vermouth 3 Fair 4 Life raft 5 Elba 6 Asset 8 Light-headed 13 Neatness 14 Civilian 15 Impasto 18 Scent 20 Alas 21 Dish QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Wheelbarrow 8 Sea 9 May 11 Circuit 12 Bride 13 Arm 14 Tea 15 Variant 17 Pew 19 Unit 21 Abet 23 Sage 25 Code 27 Tom 29 Take off 31 Any 34 Box 36 Noose 37 Surname 38 Tag 39 Led 40 Handwritten DOWN: 1 Weir 2 Harm 3 Educate 4 Butt in 5 Robin 6 Omit 7 Wade 8 Scalp 10 Yeast 16 Tug 18 Wad 20 Net 22 Bet 24 At first 25 Chant 26 Geyser 28 Mixed 30 Amend 32 Noah 33 Yoga 34 Bale 35 Omen
are maintained in a constant state of cleanliness both in appearance (visual impression of neatness and cleanliness offered by premises and equipment), comfort (olfactory, tactile, etc.
The judging criteria included registration, crossovers, clarity and neatness, sharpness of halftones and line drawings, richness, and tonal qualities of color, paper and ink selection, ink coverage, difficulty of printing, effective contrast or softness, finishing, bindery and overall visual impact.
Evaluation will be done based on relevance of content, efficacy of conveying human values, presentation and neatness and language (for essays) and creativity (for posters).
Neatness is what you want, plus fine, fine soil dug over - no real need for fertiliser, just a good warm blanket for seeds to grow well.
CHRIS POWELL has a liking for neatness and precision, always starting pre-match press conferences by straightening out the various recording devices placed in front of him.
Posters were judged on originality, neatness, a clearly defined subject and subject knowledge.
His exterior calm and neatness belied an interior clutter, hid his complexities.
And, even if you're not hitched and have all that space to yourself, a little planning with regard to your closet space can add that edge of organised neatness.
The problem for neatness freaks is when people discard their shoes or sandals without taking care to see that they are right side up.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to effectively address a common problem related to neatness around a home, the Pick A Duddle, has been developed by Charman Tatum of San Diego, California.
To ensure bureaucratic neatness, the 13 counties were split into four judicial circuits of three shires each, leaving one county over.
The Latin motto, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum is brought within shield, which in this option contains all the key elements of the crest to allow neatness of presentation and support consistency of application when the crest is used across different media and when used by partners.
He was a perfectionist obsessed with neatness and symmetry and was said to buy a large circular meat pie and divide it with great accuracy into six portions with a compass.