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neat as a new pin

Tidy; clean; in good or neat order. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but is was neat as a new pin!
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(as) neat as ninepence

Very tidy, neat, and well-organized; in good order. After my kids made me breakfast in bed, I expected the kitchen to be a mess. But was I ever surprised to find the whole place as neat as ninepence when I came downstairs! James is so meticulous with his office, always keeping it neat as ninepence.
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neat as a bandbox

Impeccably dressed; stylish. A bandbox is a container that was used to store accessories like collars and ruffs. Dave, I just love that suit and tie on you! You look neat as a bandbox!
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*neat as a pin

Cliché neat and orderly. (*Also: as ~.) Brad is such a good housekeeper; his apartment is always as neat as a pin. Joanne certainly is well-organized. Her desk is neat as a pin.
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1. mod. great; cool; fine. That was not a very neat thing to do.
2. exclam. Wow! (Usually Neat!) Neat! I’m glad you came.
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Custom Fit Men's Shirts are hand finished in Australia for a neater fitting shirt.
Pack appearance was also well received by consumers in consumer research, who particularly felt that the new seal looked neater than traditional crimped bags.
When working on a victim, he'll tell them, ``Soon you'll be packed in a few neatly wrapped Heftys, and my own small corner of the world will be a neater, happier place.
On the dashboard gauges, the MX-5's are "racer-style" and almost aeronautically crowded; on the Solstice, they're recessed, and sleeker, neater and more aesthetically pleasing.
Grape producers are said to have found the bags to be a more efficient packing solution, while customers said that the in-store displays looked neater and more hygienic, with the product protected from handling.
But I think this is a neater picture to ponder: the Word made flesh, a binding word spoken between the lover and the beloved.
Cramming is never fun, and your work will be neater.
The Clean Business Association also agreed that the improvements--including pristine litter control, neater landscaping and an overall well-kept image--warranted the group's Glitter Award for property maintenance.
The more cuts per foot a lawnmower makes, the neater the grass will be cut.
Aston Martin claims that its solution is far neater than that used by Ferrari in the production of its own V12 engine.
Solution2's revolutionary roller-ball function was designed for neater application and even distribution of product.
He got the idea when Neater solutions, a specialist in developing products for less able people, presented him with a design brief as part of his A-level course work at Yarm School.
The parents tell her: `They are more respectful, neater, they pray, they know what is going on in the houses around them.
They also imply a neater, happier version of de Kooning himself, purged of grit and angst.