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Still shrinking from his nearness she had ended by listening to him with avidity.
Anna experienced almost physical pleasure in the sensation of his nearness, and his caresses, and moral soothing, when she met his simple, confiding, and loving glance, and heard his naive questions.
The high-backed, luxuriously upholstered seat of brown leather gave her a sense of great comfort; yet even greater, it seemed to her, was the nearness and comfort of the man himself and of his body.
The sense of the nearness of the end broke down the numbness which held him.
There had arisen in Tom a repulsion toward Maggie that derived its very intensity from their early childish love in the time when they had clasped tiny fingers together, and their later sense of nearness in a common duty and a common sorrow; the sight of her, as he had told her, was hateful to him.
We express our nearness to the hard-hit populations, including with concrete forms of solidarity," he said.
Considering its nearness to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport that serves over 60 global destinations across 50 nations, local and global clients will have convenient access to the ITC.
So lusty, yet so vulnerable Swaddled in an alien warmth of blankets Then gently placed upon her waiting bosom, you nestle Absorbing familiar echoes of her body's rhythm Soft lips caress your eyes Her nearness soothes your senses The stress of birth recedes, fading as a dream Two serenely aware of the other's presence Silent in their sweet solitude of discovery The severed cord of birth replaced by a greater bond Unseen, unfathomable, as mystical as the moment of creation The meeting of a mother and her child.
Chapter subtitles include: Food of the Heart; Infinite Delight; Transubstantial Change; Gods Maternal Love; Daily Bread; Nearness to Jesus; and Forging Unity.
Thus a set of path based semantic measures exploiting the structural semantics exhibited by the ontology have been proposed to quantify the semantic relatedness and didactic nearness of the learning items namely the Thematic Distance Measure (TDM) and the Thematic Proximity Measure (TPM).
In Heidegger's work, interality assumes multiple guises, including clearing, opening, void, nearness, nothing, and space.
He added " no one even think that we want to abandon scientific and technical because we seek nearness to the world or deal and talk, confirming that Iran is moving strongly in all fields of science.
We will offer the full portfolio of products and services to the Nordic customers, and position the company based on expertise and skills as well as nearness and a competitive cost level.
Due to the proposed fight date's nearness to Cinco de Mayo, it has received a number of disapproval and negative feedbacks, saying it would be disrespectful to the Mexicans.
God Is Always With You" is a lovely reassuring children's view of the powerful message in the Holy Bible to trust in the goodness and nearness of God.