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Lot 3 (chicken meat) Deposits (5% of the initial batch amount (excluding VAT), rounded to the nearest ten years).
Ford of Britain chairman Mark Ovenden said: "Industry sales have grown steadily in the UK this year and as Ford sales have increased so has our sales lead over our nearest rival.
Only one in 20 people said they know their current account balance to the nearest pounds 500.
HOW TO CLAIM: To claim your free Dora the Explorer colour- your-own backpack, simply take the voucher to the customer service desk at your nearest Toys 'R' Us store in Scotland today only, Sunday November 13, 2011.
To redeem in-store: To claim your free Dora the Explorer colour your own backpack, simply take this voucher to the Customer Service desk at your nearest Toys 'R' Us store, today only, November 5, 2011.
Supermarkets: Iceland and Co-Operative are the nearest supermarkets.
It is not enough simply using an AA route planner to decide which is the nearest school because the criteria also includes public footpaths.
But there's a better way to get rid of those unwanted presents and do some good while you're at it: donate them to your nearest Age UK shop.
This study explored how much women in Kasulu District, rural western Tanzania, bypass their nearest primary care facilities to deliver at more distant health facilities, using a representative survey of households.
A NEW text service allows people in Merseyside to find their nearest health services.
It is the function of their nearest relatives to compensate for that loss, but identifying the nearest relative, let alone identifying the role of the nearest relative in assessment, confinement, or treatment, has sometimes proven to be difficult.
The well is high in the direction of all of the nearest wells: 36 feet high to the nearest well to the southwest (3.
A business is allowed by special permit in the business and commercial districts only, and cannot be within 500 feet of the nearest boundary of any residential zoning district or of the nearest residential property line.
Later, botanists disagreed about the plants' nearest relatives.
Our Direct Team has done a--n exceptional job of giving users the full brand experience, information about our latest promotions, partnerships and product availability, and an easy way to immediately purchase a pair of boots or find the nearest dealer.