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the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat

The last parts of something are the most enjoyable. Some of my terminally ill patients have said that they enjoy life more once they know that death is imminent. The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat, I guess.
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nearer the church, the farther from God

Prov. Church officials, or people who live near the church, are not truly pious. Jill: I think our pastor is an evil man. Jane: I didn't think evil men could be pastors. Jill: Of course they can! The nearer the church, the farther from God.
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ENGLISH FA chiefs have taken a step nearer introducing a 10-yard rule that would enable referees to crack down on dissenting players.
The 58-year-old, who retired from the force in July 1996, has sold his Birmingham home and moved to Derbyshire to be nearer his family.
Nearer the Sun's poles, the solar wind is more steady and less likely to cause trouble.
It appears there is still enough life left in planar scaling for the nearer term, especially with the incorporation of Ge into Si devices, but that three-dimensional devices and associated design capabilities will be needed to realize FinFET technology in the near future," said Raj Jammy, director of SEMATECH's Front End Processes (FEP) Division.
The larger part of my letter was much nearer home - the NHS and nearer still the possible loss of A&E and HRI.
In a previous Assembly era there was a Labour idea of keeping all health matters in house without the realisation that many of us close to the border are nearer to English establishments.
He said yesterday: "A s the Scottish independence vote is getting nearer and nearer, I decided getting nearer and nearer, I decided to put up my vote No sign.
alex McleISh has told aston Villa's long-distance players he still wants them to move nearer their jobs.
Money raised from the draw for Southport Lifeboat could save lives as it will help fund a new Lifeboat House nearer the sea.
1 : the one nearer <I believe this is your book and that is mine.
He wrote: "The basic error of most of the innovators is to imagine that the new liturgy brings the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass nearer to the faithful, that shorn of its old rituals the Mass now enters into the substance of our lives.
Sixteen-year-old Seth Braeden and his family have just recently left mainland Texas to live nearer his Uncle Nate and to take part in the massive construction effort that is going on in Galveston.
We are moving nearer and nearer to a situation in which further education will become the privilege of the rich, a situation I never thought to see in my lifetime and one which, under a different regime, would have brought protest to the streets.
Nettles, bamboo plants, and potatoes don't inspire the same degree of passion that our nearer relatives do.
However, 40 minutes after play finished she was disqualified after it was ruled she had dropped her ball nearer the hole at the seventh in the third round and should have had a two-stroke penalty and carded a 73 rather than the 71 she signed for.