near thing

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near thing

Something just barely effected, as in That election was a near thing-he won by a handful of votes. [Mid-1700s]
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a close/near ˈthing


a close-run ˈthing

1 a competition, an election, a race, etc. which you only just succeed in winning: I know we won, but believe me, it was a near thing. They could easily have beaten us.
2 a punishment, an accident, etc. which you only just avoided: The police searched the house but they didn’t find him. It was a close-run thing.
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29min: A near thing for Boro as first Rochemback and then Gareth Southgate clear consecutive efforts from Terry off the line.
It was a near thing when one of our party turned up late for a flight to Prague and I was envisaging problems getting her on the plane but the airline's staff really are very helpful at Newcastle.
That near thing seemed to energise Rangers with Novo and Steve Davis teaming up to create problems for the red-shirted Italian defence.
NEAR THING Martyn Waghorn in action against St Johnstone
This shock result opened the door for defending champions Llay RBL to move on to equal points with Fairfield after narrowly pipping GOS Acton 4-3 in another near thing,at Llay.
The only near thing at the other end saw Schwarzer claw away a close-range Obafemi Martins effort.
Promoted from the First Division in September, struggling hosts Newton were beginning to fear they could be heading straight back after failing to register a win before this tense finish saw them snatch a desperately near thing - with two deliveries to spare
Leicester's first near thing came when Marshall was released down the right flank but frustratingly whacked a wonderful chance wide.
NEAR THING Caley Thistle's Andrea Mbuyi Mutombo threatens the Partick goal
As well as Hunt's goal and near thing, Conway and Barry Robson went close in a 45 minutes of one-way traffic.
It was a cruel finish to a magnificent effort but Harrington should be able to gain confidence from that near thing and, with this week's tournament taking place on a links course, he will give himself every chance of success.
Glentoran had another desperately near thing on 66 minutes when one of Walker's superb corners was headed solidly against the Newry cross bar by Glendinning.
So I have learned from that near thing and will make certain that I will not make the same mistake again.
NEAR THING Leigh Griffiths is thwarted by Salzburg keeper Peter Gulacsi
There was a near thing in the Clyde box seconds later when Sacko played an inviting ball across goal but Ebanda just couldn't get on the end of it.