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come to naught

To be totally unsuccessful or amount to nothing. Our efforts to keep the farm came to naught in the end. All those hours I spent researching my graduate thesis have come to naught.
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come to nothing

To result in no tangible or appreciable difference; to fail. Well, all of our efforts came to nothing in the end, really. The bank decided to foreclose on us regardless of the money we raised.
See also: come, nothing

(all) for naught

In vain; for nothing. Said of an effort that has resulted in failure. All of my hard work on that budget report was for naught when the computer system crashed.
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come to nothing

 and come to naught
to amount to nothing; to be worthless. So all my hard work comes to nothing. Yes, the whole project comes to naught.
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come to nothing

Also, come to naught. Fail, as in All his efforts have come to nothing, or The last round of peace talks came to naught. The first term dates from the mid-1500s, the variant from the early 1600s.
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come to ˈnothing


not ˈcome to anything/much

not have a successful result: The latest attempt to end the dispute came to nothing.They had a scheme for making a lot of money quickly, but it never came to anything.
See also: come, nothing
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I tell you naught for your comfort, Yea, naught for your desire, Save the sky grows darker yet, And the sea rises higher'.
Join Naught at his book launch which is being offered at two locations the week the book comes out.
Current input devices typically have only North, South, East, and West directional navigation buttons and only allow for movement in four directions at one speed or naught.
Of course, all this humanism proves for naught once the riot squad moves in.
Digital directional navigation buttons only allow us to move in four directions at one speed or naught," says Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst of the Kerton Group.
No matter how much fruit you get, it will all be for naught if you cannot keep squirrels out of your tree.
Quiksilver's two years of wasting corporate resources on abusive 'bullying' litigation against a smaller company were for naught and Kymsta will continue to provide its unique Roxywear designs to the marketplace just as it did prior to suit," said Art Periera, chief financial officer of Kymsta.
Unfortunately, now that Davis has seen through our operation, it may all be for naught.
The Web can provide sophisticated benefits decision support, and can present content in a way that allows it to serve as an end-to-end solution, but you have to take the employee's perspective into account every step of the way or it will all be for naught," added Mr.
All that work can be for naught due to the caprices of injury or a director/choreographer's tastes.
Countless blind dates arranged by well-meaning friends and relatives too, but it was all for naught.
At this rate, the LAPD's heroic effort to streamline its application process - from 10 to six months - and to improve its image will all be for naught as far as protecting the public goes.
If we don't rebound, the rest of the scouting report is all for naught.
The 90-mile bus trip went for naught and nothing went right for the Bulldogs, who suffered the worst loss of the season in the year's biggest game.
I think we all feel if we can't go out and play a solid game next week,'' Gannon said, ``then it's all for naught.