second nature to

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*second nature to someone

easy and natural for someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Swimming is second nature to Jane. Flying a helicopter is no problem for Bob. It's become second nature to him.
See also: nature, second
References in classic literature ?
It will be natural for me," he added shortly afterwards, "to speak my opinion aloud as I read.
In addition to supporting XML, Natural Version 4 provides several other important new capabilities, including improved overall application performance, accelerated and simplified access to Software AG's Adabas by other databases, the ability to develop applications for a UNIX production environment using a Windows desktop, and expanded interoperability between Natural for IBM's OS/390 or z/OS and Natural for Linux.
allows the stability and performance of Natural for OS/390 or
0652 common shares of Canadian Natural for each share of Rio Alto held.
It's very natural for our customers to speak to a computer.
The reservoirs are depleted gas fields adjacent to two other areas used by Northwest Natural for gas storage.