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a nasty wallop

A severe and powerful blow, which may be either dealt or received. I got a really nasty wallop from a two-by-four on the construction site last week. His left hook can deal a nasty wallop if he catches you with it.
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be a nasty piece of work

To be a difficult or disagreeable person or thing. His secretary is a nasty piece of work, always snapping at people for no reason. I know you're not excited about this family vacation, but please, don't be a nasty piece of work the whole time. This virus is a nasty piece of work. It's already infected millions of users.
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nasty woman

A liberal-minded woman. The phrase became a rallying cry and self-identifier for supporters of Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump referred to Clinton as "such a nasty woman" during a 2016 presidential debate. If I'm a "nasty woman" because I believe in equal rights for women, then so be it!
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cheap and nasty

Inexpensive and poorly constructed. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Don't buy anything from that shop unless you're OK with it breaking—everything they sell is cheap and nasty.
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a nasty piece of work

If someone is a nasty piece of work, they are very unpleasant. What about the husband, then? He's a real nasty piece of work. Note: Sometimes people use bit instead of piece, or use another adjective instead of nasty. He was a killer and a conman — an all-round nasty bit of work. She was a dreadful piece of work and anyone with eyes could have seen that.
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cheap and nasty

of low cost and bad quality. British
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a nasty piece (or bit) of work

an unpleasant or untrustworthy person. informal
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something nasty in the woodshed

a shocking or distasteful thing kept secret. British informal
This expression is taken from Stella Gibbons 's comic novel Cold Comfort Farm ( 1933 ), in which Aunt Ada Doom's dominance over her family is maintained by constant references to her having seen something nasty in the woodshed in her youth. The details of the experience are never explained.

cheap and ˈnasty

(informal) something that is cheap and nasty does not cost a lot and is of poor quality and not very attractive or pleasant: The furniture was cheap and nasty.
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get/turn ˈnasty

1 become threatening and violent: You’d better do what he says or he’ll turn nasty.
2 become bad or unpleasant: It looks as though the weather is going to turn nasty again.
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a nasty piece of ˈwork

(British English, informal) a very unpleasant and dangerous person: Keep away from Bill Smith — he’s a very nasty piece of work.The factory manager was a nasty piece of work. We were all terrified of him.
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cut up ˈrough/ˈnasty

(informal) behave or react in an angry, bad-tempered or violent way: I didn’t want to ask Joe for money, but Billy had cut up rough when I couldn’t pay him back.
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leave a bad/nasty ˈtaste in the/your mouth

(of an experience) make you feel angry, bitter, or disgusted: The idea that the money had been stolen from her sick mother left a nasty taste in the mouth.When you see someone being treated so unkindly, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
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mod. nasty. I want out of this shag-nasty mess.
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That's what we think is happening in Nasty 1," Mauerhan said.
Nasty Gal's provocative femininity is incorporated into every aspect of the storefront and interior design: From its vivid red and blush color palette to industrial-chic fixtures and retro neon signage.
World war three awaits, that little dictator Putin stirring trouble in all Baltic states, as well as eastern Ukraine, a nasty little man.
You sometimes need that really nasty streak within your side to go on and be successful.
There are more nasty people and they can be a big obstacle for the survivors.
Clarke said that she favourited it and asked him what was going on and from there it all went a bit mad, as the former England star tweeted her directly saying sarcastically 'thanks for the support' then started sending her more abuse saying that she was supporting people being nasty to him.
Her unselfish intervention prevented a nasty situtation to myself and staff and other Christmas shoppers in the shop.
It's time we became the nasty nation to protect our law-abiding people.
The Big Nasty didn't even have a name when NAP first showed me a prototype design last spring, but I knew right away it was something I had to try.
There is a nasty streak in me, I can be a nasty bowler.
STRICTLY Come Dancing's Craig Revel Horwood has attacked his rival Mr Nasty - for being too personal.
I think people up and down the country are saying 'Look, we've moved beyond that, we don't want that nasty confrontation'.
SIR - If some nasty criminal attacks Moors murderer Ian Brady in prison, I certainly think that he is entitled to seek compensation from the guilty party, but it makes no sense to blame those whose duty is to protect all prisoners, when one of the charges chooses his moment.
This is mischievous and nasty canard that is being spread," said ministry primary care and public health assistant Under-Secretary Dr Mariam Al Jalahma.