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a nasty wallop

A severe and powerful blow, which may be either dealt or received. I got a really nasty wallop from a two-by-four on the construction site last week. His left hook can deal a nasty wallop if he catches you with it.
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be a nasty piece of work

To be a difficult or disagreeable person or thing. His secretary is a nasty piece of work, always snapping at people for no reason. I know you're not excited about this family vacation, but please, don't be a nasty piece of work the whole time. This virus is a nasty piece of work. It's already infected millions of users.
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nasty woman

A liberal-minded woman. The phrase became a rallying cry and self-identifier for supporters of Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump referred to Clinton as "such a nasty woman" during a 2016 presidential debate. If I'm a "nasty woman" because I believe in equal rights for women, then so be it!
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cheap and nasty

Inexpensive and poorly constructed. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Don't buy anything from that shop unless you're OK with it breaking—everything they sell is cheap and nasty.
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cheap and nasty

  (British & Australian)
costing little money and of bad quality You know the sort of cheap and nasty clothes that are sold on market stalls.
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be a nasty piece of work

  (British & Australian informal)
to be a very unpleasant person He's a nasty piece of work, is Carl. I'd avoid him if I were you.
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mod. nasty. I want out of this shag-nasty mess.
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The whispered accusations against Barger were far nastier than the public ones.
50PM For an hour or so, this silly farce (a longdelayed restaging of a far nastier 1998 French comedy) gets by on the amusing interplay of Paul Rudd and Steve Carell (both above).
It has been getting nastier and nastier between them for weeks and although Kate is guilty too, she is now hoping that Pete will respect her and say enough is enough.
The MP told visitors to his website: "I am encountering a number of cases where it seems to be that things are getting nastier in this country.
It could actually get nastier in terms of the battle on the track because the gloves are off as two of those players are in different teams.
And despite the production's flashy casting (Joe Mantegna and Ron Silver rounded out the ensemble), "Plow" nearly ended up as the illegitimate younger brother of the playwright's "Glengarry Glen Ross," a flashier play about people even nastier than Charlie Fox and Bobby Gould, "Plow's" Tinseltown barracudas.
Screenwriter Stuart Beattie retains the convoluted plotting, but sanitises the nastier elements of the story, relying on our imagination to fill in the blanks.
The solo star reckons she could never do his judging job on Pop Idol - because she'd be even nastier than Simon.
Charlie gets nastier every week, like a spoilt boy who wants all the attention on him.
To quote from the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, January 2004: When a nasty teenage boy named Belch and his even nastier dog Raptor involve 14-year-old Meg in the attempted robbery of an old man, an unexpected explosion occurs.
In Byker Grove I always tried to make Emma nastier.
I think the best solution for Tony would be if he planned to move on before it gets ever nastier.
tabloid got even nastier, printing and then retracting a report about some snipped-out nudity.
But he's up to something else, too, something nastier and nervier and brashly comic.
I also bake my chicken in the oven and "finish" it on the grill with the sauce because there's nothing nastier than biting into a leg of chicken you mistakenly thought was cooked through.