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narrow at the equator

Very hungry. The phrase alludes to the idea of having a slimmer midsection due to not eating. I'm so narrow at the equator—can we please get some food now?
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narrow escape

A situation in which danger or problems are barely avoided. That guy barely made it over the tracks before the train came. What a narrow escape!
See also: escape, narrow

keep to the straight and narrow

Fig. to behave properly and correctly; to stay out of trouble. If you keep to the straight and narrow, you can't help but win in the end. I always keep to the straight and narrow.
See also: and, keep, narrow, straight

narrow something down (to people or things)

to reduce a list of possibilities from many to a selected few. We can narrow the choice down to green or red. We narrowed down the choice to you or Paul.
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narrow squeak

Fig. a success almost not achieved; a lucky or marginal success; a problem almost not surmounted. That was a narrow squeak. I don't know how I survived. Another narrow squeak like that and I'll give up.
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the straight and narrow

Fig. a straight and law-abiding route through life. (Referring to a morally rigid and correct course of behavior. Fixed order.) You should have no trouble with the police if you stick to the straight and narrow. Roger was the kind who followed the straight and narrow every day of his life.
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the straight and narrow (path)

behavior that is correct and moral You have to keep to the straight and narrow if you want to stay on her good side.
See also: and, narrow, straight

a narrow escape

a situation in which you were lucky because you just managed to avoid danger or trouble He only just got out of the vehicle before the whole thing blew up. It was a narrow escape.
See also: escape, narrow

the straight and narrow

if you keep on the straight and narrow, you behave in a way that is honest and moral The threat of a good beating should keep him on the straight and narrow. Have you ever been tempted to stray from the straight and narrow?
See from the horse's mouth, be as stiff as a ramrod, couldn't lie straight in bed, keep a straight face, play a straight bat
See also: and, narrow, straight

narrow escape

A barely successful flight from or avoidance of danger or trouble, as in He had a narrow escape, since the bullet came within inches of his head. This expression uses narrow in the sense of "barely sufficient." [Late 1500s] For a newer synonym, see close call.
See also: escape, narrow

straight and narrow, the

The honest and upright way of living, as in He led a wild life when he was young, but he's been on the straight and narrow for some years . This expression is widely though to come from confusion of straight, "not crooked," with strait, "narrow," owing to a misinterpretation of a passage from the New Testament: "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life" (Matthew 7:14). The current phrase dates only from the first half of the 1800s.
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narrow squeak

n. a success almost not achieved; a lucky or marginal success; a problem almost not surmounted. That was a narrow squeak. I don’t know how I survived.
See also: narrow, squeak
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It is best utilized in conjunction with a narrower tie that compliments the narrower width of the jacket's lapels.
We have already released stipulations for street design that call for narrower streets.
Tokyo: Sharp, the Japanese electronics maker that supplies screens to Apple, posted a narrower loss than estimates as surging smartphone sales boosted demand for its liquid-crystal displays.
Last night, a council spokesman said: "As a result of the review, remedial work will be undertaken immediately to remove many of the kerb markings and to replace the double yellow lines with a narrower and paler version.
The absorption body is arranged to ex tend, during product use, from the front section of the product in the direction of the crotch section and is adapted to extend with its narrower end section to slightly below the penis of the user.
He told TDs and Senators on the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee: "I cannot give you a name of a village or co-ordinates but the focus area is getting narrower and narrower and ultimately we'll know exactly where they are.
7 billion euro deficit, a narrower shortfall than the previous monthEoe1/4aos -12.
Other states have narrower laws, but police and prosecutors still worry that onerous residency restrictions will push sex offenders onto the streets or discourage them from complying with registration requirements, making them harder to track.
With Isoplatens, customer tools are said to operate with reduced energy demands, produce better quality molded parts and allow customers to use faster curing compounds with narrower thermal processing windows.
Women, with less muscle mass above the waist, and a narrower shoulder girdle, can get a perfectly stable position with the legs just 15-20cm apart.
A narrower focus highlighting permanent principles and essential concepts would have been preferable in a short book aimed at introducing young people to a much-neglected part of our Catholic heritage.
To make the tiny tubes even narrower, the team placed them in the vacuum chamber of an electron microscope at a temperature of 600[degrees]C and blasted them with the microscope's high-energy electrons.
dollar dropped to the 109 yen level Tuesday in New York on expectations of a narrower interest rate gap between the United States and Japan after a government report said the core U.
the nation's third-largest carrier, reported Tuesday a narrower fourth-quarter loss on a solid increase in revenue, but its results pushed its red ink to more than $12 billion since January 2001.