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1. n. a narcotic. (see also nark.) She’s been taking narcs.
2. mod. having to do with narcotics. Does he have a narc problem?
3. n. a federal narcotics agent; any narcotics enforcement officer. The narcs caught him.


See narco


and narc (nɑrk)
1. n. a police informer. Fred is a nark. He squealed.
2. in. to inform (on someone) to the police; to squeal. (Often with on.) Don’t nark on me!
3. tv. to annoy someone. (see also narked.) Stop narking me!
4. n. any unpleasant person. Tell that narc to get lost.


See nark
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But the American public's attention span being what it is, drug raids--unless it's the spectacular variety with the narcs in coveralls breaking down doors--don't make the evening news as often these days.
NARCS follows drug enforcement officers from federal, state and local narcotics agencies across America, taking viewers on location and behind the scenes of major drug raid planning, surprise "no knock" warrant busts, sting operations, arrests and drug factory raids.
NARCS focuses on the planning and tactical strategies of the officers behind the bulletproof masks and vests, as they put their lives on the line to protect America.