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1. n. a narcotic. (see also nark.) She’s been taking narcs.
2. mod. having to do with narcotics. Does he have a narc problem?
3. n. a federal narcotics agent; any narcotics enforcement officer. The narcs caught him.
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Ramkumar has said that it raises doubts about the narco tests, and stated that the official who conducted the tests was not adequately conversant with Malayalam.
Ghandy had filed an appeal on Wednesday challenging the October 21 order of a lower court that he undergo a narco test.
The court's decision comes after a medical board of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) submitted its report and gave the go-ahead for narco analysis test on Ghandy, saying that he can withstand the test.
New Delhi, May 27 (ANI): A ban on narco analysis test can be recommended by the national Law Commission, as it violates the basic human rights.
HON faces asbestos litigation liability risks from two sources: Bendix Friction Materials and NARCO, a company owned by HON from 1979 to 1986.
The CBI hoped that through the narco tests on them, it can ascertain the whereabouts of those who planted the bombs at Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Sharif -- Sandeep Dange and Ramchandra Kalsangra.
He demanded that the ATS should make public 'the series' of Narco tests conducted on Pragya Singh in connection with the blasts.
Bankruptcy Court hearing today in Pittsburgh, Judge Judith Fitzgerald approved an extension of a stay until February 18, temporarily enjoining any claims against Honeywell and pending the reorganization of NARCO.
But he refused to reveal whether the narco tests of the parents had yielded results.
Meanwhile, BJP demanded a narco test of Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) for its contradictory revelations on the Malegaon blast indirectly accusing the Congress party.
Secondly, is to fight -- is to fight narco trafficking.
Based on the current state of negotiations with plaintiffs' counsel representing NARCO asbestos claimants, Honeywell estimates a NARCO bankruptcy trust-related after-tax charge of approximately $900 million, net of anticipated insurance recoveries.
The CBI had, on December 21, 2009, submitted an application before the court, seeking permission to conduct narco analysis on the Talwar couple.
This facility is in addition to the $20 million debtor in possession financing facility obtained by NARCO, which has received interim court approval.