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dirt nap

A state of death or permanent cessation. He's got a lot of nerve to talk to me like that! I think he's looking for a dirt nap! The popular television show now appears headed for a dirt nap following the exit of its lead star.
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a cat nap

A very brief but restful period of sleep. I'm going to try to squeeze in a cat nap before my next shift starts, or else I'll be feeling sluggish for the entire evening.
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catch (one) napping

To exploit or capitalize on one's inattention (or, sometimes, literal sleep). We were able to sneak into the building because we caught the security guard napping. I scored a goal after I caught their defenseman napping.
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be caught napping

To have one's inattention (or, sometimes, literal sleep) exploited or capitalized on by someone else. The other team scored because our defense was caught napping.
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go nap

To have fives victories or scores. (The phrase refers to "nap," a card game in which players take tricks after being dealt five cards.) The other team's improved defense in the last part of the game is the only reason Smith didn't go nap.
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not go nap on

obsolete To not favor or particularly care for. Primarily heard in Australia. I never went nap on such frivolity myself; I have always preferred order and discipline.
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catch someone napping

 and catch someone off balance; catch someone up short
to come upon someone who is unprepared; to surprise someone. (See also asleep at the switch.) The enemy soldiers caught our army napping. The thieves caught the security guard napping. I didn't expect you so soon. You caught me off balance. The teacher asked a trick question and caught me up short. The robbers caught Ann off balance and stole her purse.
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take a dirt nap

Sl. to die and be buried. I don't want to end up taking a dirt nap during this operation. Isn't Tom a little young to take a dirt nap?
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take a nap

to have a brief period of sleep. I took a short nap just after lunch. The baby takes a long nap each afternoon.
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catch napping

Surprise, take unawares. This term is often used in the passive, as in The United States was really caught napping the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. It originated in the mid-1500s as to be taken napping. Also see under off guard.
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be caught napping

If someone is caught napping, they suffer a disadvantage by not being prepared for something when it happens. The security services were clearly caught napping and their response was therefore inadequate. European firms have been caught napping. As a result, they barely control one-tenth of the world market. Note: `Napping' means the same as sleeping or dozing.
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go nap

1 win all the matches or games in a series. 2 risk everything in one attempt.
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not go nap on

not be too keen on; not care much for. Australian informal
Nap is the name of a card game resembling whist in which a player attempts to take all five tricks. Its original name was Napoleon .
See also: nap, not, on

catch someone napping

(of an action or event) find someone off guard and unprepared to respond. informal
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catch somebody ˈnapping

(informal) find somebody not prepared or not paying attention, and perhaps gain an advantage over them as a result: Chelsea’s defence was caught napping in the final moments of the game when Jones scored his second goal for Liverpool.
Nap means ‘sleep’, usually for a short time and especially during the day.
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take a dirt nap

tv. to die and be buried. I don’t want to end up taking a dirt nap during this operation.
See also: dirt, nap, take
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The unofficial holiday can be dated back to 1999 when a Boston University professor, William Anthony, created the event, primarily to emphasize on the benefits of a quick nap.
While the children performed at similar levels immediately after learning, those who napped performed significantly better both in the afternoon and the next day than those who did not nap, the researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
You have probably experienced this scenario: Your baby looks tired and you think, "Time for a nap.
Another member of the original 1919 group was Chief Machinist's Mate (Aviation) Eugene "Smokey" Rhoads, NAP No.
The 10-minute nap yielded significant increases in subjective alertness and cognitive performance at 5 minutes and 35 minutes after napping.
during another day Six subjects had a nap day followed by a wake day; the sequence was reversed for the other three subjects.
I'm not really tired enough to need an afternoon nap," says the Madrid 16-year-old.
Nap fans' most prominent poster boy may be Sir Winston Churchill, according to Bellinger.
Researchers at the University of Ottawa have found that young children, college students, and retired people nap the most.
Studies on sleep-deprived pilots and shift workers have found that naps help reduce fatigue, increase alertness, and improve certain aspects of job performance.
Four Points Invites the Sleep Deprived to Take a Nap and Celebrate National Napping Day with Tips from the Renowned Nap Doctor
Afternoon naps were studied specifically because, in addition to an optimal napping time, researchers suspected that "circadian timing" plays a role in the benefits of napping, referring to the body's internal clock that regulates various habits like sleeping and eating.
AMEX:TWW), a leading operator of integrated Internet exchanges and a global provider of managed IT infrastructure solutions for government and private sectors, today announced that Espanix, Spain's largest Internet Exchange, has approved Terremark's NAP de las Americas Madrid facility in Spain to serve as the first Remote Access Point for the Espanix exchange.
Here are eight facts about naps that will encourage you to indulge in an afternoon siesta this Napping Day: