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na-na na-na boo-boo

A teasing nonsense phrase typically said by children. You can't catch me! Na-na na-na boo-boo!

na-na na-na na-na

A teasing nonsense phrase typically said by children. You can't catch me! Na-na na-na na-na!

do (one's) nana

To become angry. It is possible that "nana" is short for "banana," coming from the use of "bananas" to mean "crazy." Primarily heard in Australia. Mom will definitely do her nana when she finds out we broke her antique vase.
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off (one's) nana

old-fashioned slang Crazy, insane, or mentally deranged. Sometimes written as "off (one's) 'nana" to reflect the abbreviation of "banana." I think you've gone off your nana for giving up that cushy office job, but, hey, follow your dreams. Don't go off your 'nana, I only took the car out for a quick spin. My auntie likes to let people think she's off her nana, but she's actually incredibly clever and witty.
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do (or lose) your nana

lose your temper. Australian
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off your nana

mentally deranged. Australian
Nana in these idioms is probably short for banana ; compare with go bananas at banana.
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What, your Nana is better than his Nana, so yours wins?
With this model of responsible resource development-rooted in consensus, cooperation, and mutual respect between the developers and the people of the region-the exploration at the UKMP, and throughout the NANA region, will offer meaningful benefits for NANA shareholders and Alaskans statewide.
Nana Apt was an insightful and tough-minded social critic who refused to compromise for expedience and took personal risks to call out corruption, foolish social policy, or failures of both government and private sector players to serve the people instead of exploiting them.
Connelly is stunning as Nana and Murphy gives a heartfelt, tormented performance as the older Ivan, and though "Aloft" can sometimes be too slow-paced and enigmatic for its own good, the presence of these two actors helps to elevate Llosa's film to a higher level of cinematic prowess.
The eight policemen, whom Nana declined to name yet, is currently being held under restrictive custody at the District Holding Services Unit at the MPD headquarters in U.
I also think your dad or another older relative should go to the GP with your nana and explain that she's struggling to cope and discuss what support might be available.
Renuente a sucumbir a su energia creadora La Nana soporto el abandono y menosprecio hasta que encontro en Lucina Jimenez el espiritu creativo que requeria para transformarse una vez mas en generadora de energias festivas, creativas y recreativas, rescatando al mismo tiempo el espiritu de barrio que procreo desde su inauguracion.
There are a number of links between Nana and the work of figures like Darwin, Krafft-Ebing, and Nordau.
Well Linda, I've never heard of that being done for someone who is not living, but let me call Nana Yiadom and get back to you.
Nana was the Welcome Wagon lady in Belleville, Ont.
is so beautifully constructed and concluded with Nana reading in bed, that its strength is not only with the highlighted prepositions but the respect for all Nanas everywhere.
The night Nana takes me on one of her midnight runs.
La nana es celosa de otras nanas que quieran robar la atencion de "su familia" de los breves despliegues de relacion humana, por ejemplo el nino que de carino le llama "Raque Raque" de los jugueteos cotidianos, de su disciplina vicaria con los ninos.
Defense contractor Lockheed Martin is teaming with Anchorage-based NANA Development Corp.
Naked neck gene reduces relative feather mass by 40 and 20 percent in NaNa and Nana birds respectively, thus increasing the heat dissipation.