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Katrina Blowitz (yes, even the last name - a steady source of snickers and jokes throughout the years - is so hurricane unfriendly) and I have been friends since 1985.
Popes have chosen their names for a variety of reasons, some to honor benefactors, others to signal the direction of their papacy.
Names are useful and interesting, but Rivkin and Sutherland overvalue them in the general scheme of things.
Sapphira" is merely the slave name assigned by her captors; "Wade" is the surname of Bascombe Wade, the man who purchased her.
changed its name to Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Co.
To nonspecialists, it would then be immediately obvious that Hepatitis A, B, and C viruses are very different entities, belonging to different genera, were their official names Hepatitis A hepatovirus, Hepatitis B orthohepadnavirus, and Hepatitis C hepacivirus.
Evenhuis was then, and still is, sticking to the tradition of two-word names established in the 18th century by Carl Linnaeus, who actually came up with some doosies himself.
You did the usual search to see if someone else had a domain name identical to the one you wanted to register.
For big players in electronic commerce, such as multinational corporations and global brands, it is essential to realize that Internet domain names are becoming a complex and powerful weapon in e-commerce warfare.
The fee goes to Network Solutions, a private company that holds the government contract to manage the list of over 2 million domain names.
MARK: That only worked because it was fairly unique among stupid company names and Exxon was arguably slightly better than ENCO, the name it replaced.
As for the sites "brimlowrealty," "brimlow," "brimlowrealtycorp," "Predator99," "Predator 1999," "Predator2000" and others that were similarly worded, which he has also registered, Landers said he does not intend to necessarily use the names, but is simply trying to make it more difficult for a competitor to benefit from the otherwise easily accessible and lucrative Internet marketplace.
This size makes it easier to remember names and allows full participation by everyone.
It should be noted that frequently, trade names have little or no U.