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Michael Namer, Founder and CEO of Alfa Development, has been developing real estate in downtown New York for thelast 30 years.
Namer and Kutnicki Bernstein Architects (KBA) designed the eight-story building to complement the tum-of-the-century structures in the neighborhood.
WEIRD AND WONDERFUL: Frank Zappa - ace musician and talented namer of children
After winning with 620 votes, Nicole Namer was able to go into the Medical Scrubs Mall office in order to pick up her prize, where she met with the staff and explained how she was able to acquire so many votes.
Because I've always been a word maven myself and because I know a lot about medications from personal experience and because I have plenty of time on my hands, I've given passing consideration to offering my services as a freelance drug namer, working out of my home perhaps on a commission basis.
On December 3, 2001, the Jordanian State Security Court convicted Yasser Mohammad Ahmad Salameh Abu Shanaar, Aqaab Namer Suleiman Fuqhaa and Jamal Darwish Mustafa Fatayr of the same killing.
It is being launched by president and CEO Larry Namer, a co-founder of E
His first name implies his role as archetypal namer and controller of language, and Nehemiah, the name of the Old Testament prophet who rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem and awakened the religious fervor of the Jews, implies the guardianship of traditional culture and values.
Located at 245 West 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, the 27-unit building was conceived by developer Michael Namer, CEO of Alfa Development and designed by KBA Architects, the 12
Jan Gardner, racing office manager at Darley, is a racehorse namer of long standing and was responsible for Camborne.
Judge Redwan Al Namer and prosecutor Ali Hassan Askar witnessed the operation.
the namer pays tribute in the "name check" to the community from which (s)he has sprung and without which (s)he would be unable to survive.
Entertainment Television Larry Namer , who is the Founder and President ofMetan Development Group(Chinese Viacom).
In the letter he read from behind the bars to Judge Redhwan Al Namer, Bin Freed apologised for their activities that threatened to undermine Yemeni unity and asked for amnesty.