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There have already been 15 named storms of the 2005 hurricane season.
1) The postmodern double entendre of "the other place" as a signifier for the place of the feminine African American Other demonstrates that Naylor named the house in Mama Day with equal care.
Erwin named one of his legion of tropical beetles Pericompsus bilbo after the hero of The Hobbit (1937, J.
Martin Eble was named vice president and chief financial officer.
Jack Burns named director of treasury at Dollar Financial Group Inc.
has named Kevin Suite executive director and Chris Lewis marketing director of Woodland Terrace, a retirement community in Cary, N.
But just as Ellison is unyielding about the necessity for all peoples to have the capacity to record history's events, he is equally adamant in rejecting a thing named "History.
If a participant dies before reaching his or her RBD, the proceeds of a qualified plan or non-Roth IRA generally must be distributed by December 31 of the calendar year that contains the fifth anniversary of the participant's death (the five-year rule) unless the participant had named a designated beneficiary (DB).
Fayard named CFO at The Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta Chapter)
In the previous system, scientists named plants and animals in Latin with a full descriptive phrase, punctuation and all.
Yokahama Tire named Donald Bunn technical director.
Some lures are named for what they do: Wiggle Wart, for example, is a small crank-bait lure that wiggles in the water as the fisherman reels or cranks it in.
The company also named Stacey Kacarka and Scot Allen Wickham lab technicians.