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The Nore sand remains covered at low-water, and never seen by human eye; but the Nore is a name to conjure with visions of historical events, of battles, of fleets, of mutinies, of watch and ward kept upon the great throbbing heart of the State.
TROPICS looks a name to conjure with for the Wokingham following his spreadeagling triumph in the first division of the Congratulations Mr And Mrs Brown Handicap at Windsor.
I HOPE he'll forgive me for saying it, but Brendan Barber isn't a name to conjure with in the great scheme of things.
The unmasking of the Babington plot to assassinate the Queen, and its dreadful aftermath, had rocked the country and Nick's old schoolmaster had made a terrifying homily of it - Robert Cecil, spearheading the discovery, was a name to conjure with.
When the leaders spread out across the track three furlongs out, fighting both the camber and fatigue, who among us won't scan the leading six or seven and mentally begin the reckoning that leads inevitably to a new heir of the ages, a new bead on the rosary, a new name to conjure with and be held spellbound by?
UNNEFER is a name to conjure with after his clear-cut triumph in the 10-furlong conditions race at Lingfield on Saturday.
The name Ruth Rouse (1872-1956) may not resonate with many today, but a century ago in the heyday of the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) and its successor, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), hers was a name to conjure with.
PARK LANE - will be a name to conjure with in the big sales race at Newmarket's Cambridgeshire fixture following his unlucky defeat at Goodwood where he was only beaten a nose by Montmorency.
But it's not generally known how one momentous decision made the company a name to conjure with worldwide, and how if that decision had gone the other way, Brook Motors would probably never have made it past 1910.
Yet, 20 years after the 1987 world junior hockey championships, Piestany, a dot on the Slovak side of the sundered Czechoslovak map, remains a name to conjure with for committed hockey fans.
HERE's a name to conjure with when it comes to considering key figures for the Six Nations - Gavin Henson.
Hirst's Thousand Years, 1990, crossed the slaughterhouse imagery of Francis Bacon--no name to conjure with in New York but a talisman in London--with a process aesthetic out of early Hans Haacke.
The Plantagenets wanted him christened Henry after his grandfather, but Constance named him Arthur for the legendary King Arthur, a name to conjure with among the Bretons.
Vocalist Ambrosia Parsley - another name to conjure with - hails from Virginia but moved to the San Fernando Valley at an early age and began her musical career at the age of seven, fronting a 99-piece senior citizen banjo band at the local pizza parlour
WIRELESS is another name to conjure with this year.