name is mud

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somebody's name is mud

if someone's name is mud, other people are angry with that person because of something they have done or said Well he'd better turn up tonight or his name will be mud.
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We are very pleased to have Lorrie's creative talent join the Enesco family and integrate Our Name Is Mud into our portfolio," said Matt Bousquette, chairman of Enesco LLC.
It just so happened that an Unesco executive spotted an Our Name is Mud mug on a co-worker's desk, was intrigued and sent a blind e-mail to the small ceramics company.
Enesco also lends Our Name is Mud a strong, in-house sales force.
The acquisition of Our Name Is Mud builds on Enesco's strategy of developing a balanced portfolio of unique and differentiated global brands.
Enesco will introduce the newest Our Name Is Mud product offerings to retailers during the Company's corporate show in Itasca in October.
Our Name Is Mud has a following of dedicated fans, from both the retail and consumer perspective.