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name (someone or something) for (someone or something)

To give someone or something the same name as someone or something else. It's a bit unusual, but they named their daughter for a river in Tahiti. They named their line of electric cars for a famous 19th-century inventor. I named my son for his grandfather on his mother's side.
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name someone or something for someone or something

to name someone or something, using the name of someone or something, in any combination. I named her for the beauty of the rising sun. They named the mountain for the first person to see it.
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When our children get to an age when they ask why we chose their name for them, we owe them a better answer than, "That was the Super Bowl MVP the year you were born," or "There was this popular TV show called Friends and Chandler was really funny.
As a Yoruban proverb says, "Whatever we have a name for, that is" (Benston 165).
You also have the option of using the Name Box to create a new name for a cell.
So, what did the accomplished taxonomist have in mind when he chose Dissop as the name for a genus of a hard-to-see fossil with the species name irae?
On the other hand, do you have any recourse if someone has bought the domain name for your trademark and is holding it for ransom?
nom could belong to a kid in Hong Kong who uses that as a pen name for writing poetry on the wrath of Mortal Kombat.
As part of this transaction, DHLI agreed to purchase the DHL trade name for $20 million, DHL reserved the right to use its own name for 15 years on a royalty-free basis, and, after 15 years, DHL agreed to pay a royalty of 0.
MARK: I always figured it was just a funky name for a quirky company made up by two very wild and crazy guys.
Domain name owners can re-register the name for $35 after the initial two-year period.
com site will find a web page with wording that says the site is coming, but is in effect really an ad for the Internet company that reserved the domain name for Landers.