name as

name someone as something

to select someone as something. The mayor named Karen as corporate council. The president named himself as chairman of the new committee.
See also: name
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I thought it would be a miracle if anyone in the journal's editorial department would pronounce the name as we would in English," he says.
If, by chance, your business has the same name as another company or you have the same name as a famous person, you have a better chance of proving you didn't register the domain name in bad faith (or basically to hold it for ransom), explains Schmid.
Naming is not simply a creative exercise, it's rather a highly strategic undertaking to drive the corporate name as a weapon in the marketplace.
As a specific example of this little-noted but pernicious border protection failure, LAS points out that Waleed Al-Shehri, one of the hijackers on American Airlines Flight 11, could have legitimately Romanized his name as Oualid Chihri.
is everything, and just as much care has to be given to creating the name as making the product or service itself.
Personal Names Limited will offer consumers the opportunity to obtain and utilize their actual name as their permanent personal email address as well as their personal web domain address.