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When Ida tries to unveil something in particular, to confront her audience with a knowable, namable, localizable grief, when she tries to name the power of her singing in her next song's dedication to Rufus, the power becomes obscene.
Thought is revealed as the namable form of the One in vs.
Power today does not have the discrete, isolated, avoidable forms of king or namable tyrant.
I DON'T LIKE THE INCORPORATION OF THE NAMABLE IN SOULPTURE" Carl Andre's observation from a 1968 interview reflects on the absence of image or allusion in advanced art of the period, but it remains pithily ironic: It is one hallmark of American art between roughly 1960 and 1975 that objects and installations were attended by massive quantities of artists' words, texts that fall across the artmaking landscape and settle like a heavy discursive drift.
Because the results showed that the rate of responding in accord with equivalence was not influenced by introducing pictures early in the training (as A-stimuli)--which is in agreement with an earlier study in which pictures were the nodal stimulus (B-stimuli) (Arntzen & Holth, 2000b), whereas introducing pictures or nameable stimuli later in the conditional discrimination training (E-stimuli) produced significant lower yields--the critical variable seems to be when the picture is introduced and not whether the picture or namable stimulus is the node.
LS: Concerning politics, why have you seized on the "obscure incidents" of the period 1968-80 rather than a namable event?