nail onto

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nail (something) onto (something else)

To affix something onto some surface by driving a nail or some similar fastener through both. I tried nailing the picture frame onto the wall, but it was too heavy for the flimsy drywall to hold. I'm going to nail a sign onto the tree out front so people know that our dog will bite them if they try to trespass on our property.
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nail something onto something

 and nail something to something; nail something on
to attach something onto something by nailing. Suzy nailed the hose bracket onto the side of the house. She nailed on the bracket. Laura nailed the bracket to the wall.
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According to the company, the product's fast-drying formula incorporates patent-pending technology that provides quick, visible results by penetrating the nail to whiten and clarify while restoring a healthy appearance to the nail.
This can cause the nail to soften up or make them stiff.
Typically that means cutting the nail short at the nail bed by transecting the nail to remove the entire thing.
I recommend PUR NAIL to anyone who needs nail fungus treatment.
In applying the nail polish ensure that the cuticles are not painted in order to allow the nail to breathe.
Certain conditions such as lung disease, advancing age, and poor circulation in the extremities from blocked blood vessels can also cause the nail to curve.
Coarse emery boards can cause the nail to split and peel.
Small head size allows nail to be driven into the wood so the hole can be filled and finished.
Upward displacement (hereafter referred to as pull displacement) caused the nail to tear through the edge of the plywood while downward displacement (hereafter referred to as push displacement) caused the nail to bear against the plywood.
It was an important strategic move for Iris Nail to bring herself into SoHo amidst internationally recognized retailers such as Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, SWATCH and FCUK," added Alam.
Fungal infections can cause the end of the nail to separate from the nail bed.
Start by positioning the center of the nail gun tip exactly where you want the nail to enter the wood.
The cream acts directly at the base of the nail to restore health and vitality, she says.
The bruising causes the nail to separate from the skin, so the loosening you describe isn't surprising.