nail onto

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nail something onto something

 and nail something to something; nail something on
to attach something onto something by nailing. Suzy nailed the hose bracket onto the side of the house. She nailed on the bracket. Laura nailed the bracket to the wall.
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This can cause the nail to soften up or make them stiff.
For the first time, patients will have a nail treatment that allows the nail to breathe but is still non water-soluble and is able to protect the nail from the impact of moisture and friction," said Jonathan Alba, Innocutis Chief Operating Officer.
I recommend PUR NAIL to anyone who needs nail fungus treatment.
In applying the nail polish ensure that the cuticles are not painted in order to allow the nail to breathe.
Certain conditions such as lung disease, advancing age, and poor circulation in the extremities from blocked blood vessels can also cause the nail to curve.
Upward displacement (hereafter referred to as pull displacement) caused the nail to tear through the edge of the sheathing while downward displacement (hereafter referred to as push displacement) caused the nail to bear against the sheathing.
Coarse emery boards can cause the nail to split and peel.
Avoid using coarse emery boards, which can cause the nail to split and peel, don't file with a "sawing" action and never file nails when wet - this is when they're most vulnerable as water separates the layers of the nail bed, causing peeling.
It was an important strategic move for Iris Nail to bring herself into SoHo amidst internationally recognized retailers such as Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, SWATCH and FCUK," added Alam.
For example, some fungal diseases can cause the nail to grow in a distorted way.
Fungal infections can cause the end of the nail to separate from the nail bed.
The bruising causes the nail to separate from the skin, so the loosening you describe isn't surprising.
A permanent gel white tip can be applied to the end of the nail to create a French manicure effect, followed by a coat of clear Calgel crystal polish to protect the nails.
Fungal infections -- which can be white, green, yellow or black in color -- often cause the end of the nail to separate from the nail bed, and they may build up under the nail plate and discolor the nail bed.