nail onto

nail (something) onto (something else)

To affix something onto some surface by driving a nail or some similar fastener through both. I tried nailing the picture frame onto the wall, but it was too heavy for the flimsy drywall to hold. I'm going to nail a sign onto the tree out front so people know that our dog will bite them if they try to trespass on our property.
See also: nail

nail something onto something

 and nail something to something; nail something on
to attach something onto something by nailing. Suzy nailed the hose bracket onto the side of the house. She nailed on the bracket. Laura nailed the bracket to the wall.
See also: nail
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50 (Boots/Superdrug) THE acetone-soaked sponge doesn''t look aesthetically pleasing, but after plunging my nail onto it, and a quick twist, there wasn''t a trace of nail polish left.
She smears the underneath of ten hard white nails with the viscous substance from a tiny bottle of glue, presses each nail onto the soft pink flesh at the end of her toes, holds it there for the count of two hundred, straightens it a little, and ten toenails are pressed into place, clipped at the edges to stop them cuffing the flesh of their neighbouring toe.