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shank's nag

One's legs and feet, used for walking; travel by foot. Also "shanks' nag." A reference to the shank— the lower leg between the knee and the ankle—and the use of ponies or horses for travel. My bicycle fell apart three miles away from home, so I had to use shank's nag to go the rest of the way. Unfortunately, with the sedentary lifestyle many lead today, shank's nag has largely become an obsolete mode of travel.
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nag at (one)

To lecture or reprimand one in an annoying, pestering manner, especially about something one considers minor, trivial, or inconsequential. Would you stop nagging me already? I'll do the dishes later! Look, I don't like having to nag you about this, but those reports really need to be filed today.
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nag at someone (about someone or something)

to pester someone about someone or something. Don't keep nagging at me about her. Stop nagging at me!
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1. tv. to pester someone constantly. (From a centuries-old word meaning gnaw.) Stop nagging me!
2. n. a worn-out horse. (Probably from a centuries-old word for horse.) I bet a week’s pay on that nag. Look what happened!
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Among age groups of patients, NAGs were detected mostly in patients >5 years of age (>72%) than in those <5 years of age ([approximately equal to]28%) (Table 2).
Unlike our previous study (7), in this study, factors involved in the virulence of NAGs were not comprehensively elucidated in the study region.
Some gene combinations, such as hlyA-rtxA-rtxC-TTSS, hlyA-rtxArtxC, and hlyA-rtxA, were detected predominantly NAGs as the only virulence factor genes (online Table 3).
Agewell will start their Sunday lunches at Fartown and Nags Head Monday lunches again in the New Year.
Visiting Huddersfield Giants rugby league players Scott Grix (back left) and Kyle Wood (back right) with president of Agewell Popsie Singh |(back centre) and general manager of Agewell Graham Hellawell (front left), who handed over a certificate of recognition to Nags Head supervisor Natalie Payne (front right) in front of guests attending the festive lunch
The Town of Nags Head, on behalf of the Town of Nags Head, Southern Shores, and Duck (each a Town or the Town and collectively the Towns ) is requesting proposals from fully qualified offerors to provide highly skilled technical services to provide planning, management, quality control, and debris collection monitoring services in the event of a natural disaster or man-made event.
The band, famous for such classic 2-Tone hits as On My Radio, Three Minute Hero and Missing Words, will play at the Nags on November 11.
Julian Harkins, landlord at the Nags, said: "People keep asking if this is a tribute band and I can assure them it isn't.
Croatan Highway in Nags Head, North Carolina on Monday, March 16, 2015 at 2 p.
The town of Nags Head, an 11 mile long municipality located on North Carolina s Outer Banks, is home to approximately 2,800 full-time, year round residents.
He first played at the Nags Head in August 2001 and enjoyed it so much he has made it a regular fixture.
Tomorrow also sees Medusa at the Beer Engine, Boogalator at the Earlsdon Cottage, Riff Raff at the Nags and Nightshift at the Rocket.
Sunday is no day of rest, with Sheeva taking the afternoon slot at the Nags Head and Souler Rythm keeping up the high standard at Kelly's.
For instance, tonight you could shake your thang to Grind Creative at Kelly's in Leamington, Bridge at The Nags Head in Nuneaton, Eight Ball Joe at the Beer Engine or ZZ Stop at the Hare and Hounds Pavillion.
Other options include Slippery at The Nags Head, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath at Kelly's and Bleeding Hearts at the Beer Engine.