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shank's nag

One's legs and feet, used for walking; travel by foot. Also "shanks' nag." A reference to the shank— the lower leg between the knee and the ankle—and the use of ponies or horses for travel. My bicycle fell apart three miles away from home, so I had to use shank's nag to go the rest of the way. Unfortunately, with the sedentary lifestyle many lead today, shank's nag has largely become an obsolete mode of travel.
See also: nag

nag at someone (about someone or something)

to pester someone about someone or something. Don't keep nagging at me about her. Stop nagging at me!
See also: nag


1. tv. to pester someone constantly. (From a centuries-old word meaning gnaw.) Stop nagging me!
2. n. a worn-out horse. (Probably from a centuries-old word for horse.) I bet a week’s pay on that nag. Look what happened!
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Husbands who kill can be charged with manslaughter instead of murder if they feared their wives were about to leave them or if they were nagged.
It's similar to the injury tailback Chad Morton suffered against Florida State last year, which nagged him for several games.
Quan Nixon, 8, nagged Tuesday for a ``Dennis the Menace'' video at Blockbuster, but he didn't win.
MM: Blah, Blah, Blah is about being nagged by adults.