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God works in mysterious ways

A phrase acknowledging one's lack of control over a situation, especially if something strange or unexpected has happened, along with the possibility that some good may come from it. A: "How are you doing since getting rejected from your dream school?" B: "Well, I'm trying to keep in mind that God works in mysterious ways, and I hope some good will come out of all of this." As Helen grieves the loss of her husband, I just keep reminding her that God works in mysterious ways.
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the Lord works in mysterious ways

A phrase said when things have not happened as one had hoped or expected. It implies that everything happens for a reason. I know you were really excited about that job, but maybe it's for the best that you didn't get it—the Lord works in mysterious ways, after all. I thought that getting divorced would be the worst experience of my life, but then I fell in love with my divorce lawyer. The Lord works in mysterious ways!
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Indeed, a robust sense of nature's ultimate incomprehensibility could function as a healthy counterweight to the modernistic attitude that drains the natural world of its awe and mysteriousness and presumes it as something to be subdued and mastered.
So it is that in many of her poems Dickinson is at pains to convey how imperishable divine reality immeasurably transcends, with overwhelming mysteriousness, the finitude and limitations of human consciousness and comprehension.
The point of salvation, however, is not embracing the mysteriousness of nothingness; rather, it is attained by way of the constant thereness of Dasein.
Perhaps because of the mysteriousness of the word "vampire".
Perhaps the mysteriousness of the council's statement is purposeful and aims at securing the Russian and Chinese approval in light of the major differences between the western sides that are calling for Al-Assad's step down; and the positions of Moscow and Beijing, which do not mind seeing the Syrian president on top of the upcoming phase.
Gray adds a footnote or two about the mysteriousness and capaciousness of human sexuality.
Vysheslavtsev underscores, namely, its uniqueness and mysteriousness, proposing simultaneously a key to understanding the story.
Ostlere evokes the majesty and mysteriousness of the landscape as well as the people of India even as she depicts the shocking cruelty and callousness that exist in equal measure.
Investigating the elusive notions of beauty, meaning and human behavior, Jobin provides us with a reminder, if one were needed, of the essential mysteriousness of the world.
Were Saul Bellow still with us, I am almost sure that he would have been thinking about Cantor and what his very existence says about the mysteriousness of Jewish or human probability.
Although Ada Lampert's statement that "Life itself is nothing but matter" (which Nordlund accepts) can be qualified by urging the fundamental mysteriousness and complexity of an atomic universe (28), many lovers of Shakespeare are bound to feel that the rumina of the poet's imaginary worlds have been impoverishingly diminished.
As Fritz repeatedly tries to grab away the Nutcracker present from Clara, he is also trying to grab the attention of Drosselmeyer, danced with satisfying mysteriousness by Ranagan.
From excepts from novels to poetry, to short fiction and more, Ruth Nolan compiles quite the read for any who doubt the power of the desert, invoked for its mysteriousness, its hopelessness, its remoteness, and so much more.
The three songs included on this disk are settings of anonymous Arabic poems, and Bacewicz captures their spirit beautifully with a spaciousness and mysteriousness that flow so naturally from the neoclassical vocabulary which she had adopted at the time.
There's a bewitching confidence in the creation of mood and atmosphere here that makes Shakespeare's melancholy comic exploration of the twisty paths and regenerative power of love, in all its mysteriousness and recklessness, truly soar.