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God works in mysterious ways

A phrase acknowledging one's lack of control over a situation, especially if something strange or unexpected has happened, along with the possibility that some good may come from it. A: "How are you doing since getting rejected from your dream school?" B: "Well, I'm trying to keep in mind that God works in mysterious ways, and I hope some good will come out of all of this." As Helen grieves the loss of her husband, I just keep reminding her that God works in mysterious ways.
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the Lord works in mysterious ways

A phrase said when things have not happened as one had hoped or expected. It implies that everything happens for a reason. I know you were really excited about that job, but maybe it's for the best that you didn't get it—the Lord works in mysterious ways, after all. I thought that getting divorced would be the worst experience of my life, but then I fell in love with my divorce lawyer. The Lord works in mysterious ways!
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For instance, the low sun during the winter months creates a mysteriously bright winter sparkle, as light is mirrored from metal sheets (metaphorical leaves) and guided deep into the building.
Experience also proves that, while homosexual literature is promoted, feminist librarians see to it that pro-life books are either not ordered or mysteriously disappear from the shelves so that they cannot be found.
Each year, the normally solitary sharks mysteriously converge on the islands to feast on a bounty of seals--and anything else foolish enough to enter the water.
The dynamism of Lozek's technique creates the sense that his subjects inhabit a mysteriously energized state.
Dancers emerge from a mysteriously dark upstage area, coming out into the light and dancing with a fullness and vitality that seems somehow ordained.
A large poster of tech-snapper Pete Eldridge mysteriously appeared in the village of Herzogenaurach in Bavaria.
Yet, as she is rushed to the hospital, she can feel her own wounds mysteriously healing as if by magic.
And so the man who lived so much of his life simply and in the public eye, died mysteriously, surrounded by secrecy.
95) provides the unusual setting ot a luxury space yacht Polaris which carries the wealthy light-years from Earth to witness a stellar phenomenon--and is lost, its passengers mysteriously vanished from the ship.
Saar successfully captivates her audiences with a mysteriously illusive yet delicate beauty.
As the city of Miami prepared to host the November meetings for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, nearby University of Miami mysteriously laid off the 12-person staff of its well-regarded Latin American think tank, the North-South Center.
The film is vaguely based on an actual person, a strange teenage boy who mysteriously appeared in Nuremberg one day in 1828 and died, just as mysteriously, in Ansbach, five years later.
As they see it, the Mapimi is "The Zone of Silence," where magnetic waves are mysteriously altered or silenced.
These include a shoeshine lady who reads people by the condition of their footwear, a young woman who quits Reilly mysteriously, a long-time executive who's fired from the firm and finds his life turned upside down, an extremely disgruntled client, a very unhappy son who has been wronged by his father, and the late Mr.
The Mars Polar Lander fell mysteriously silent in December as it entered the planet's atmosphere en route to a landing.