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I thank the experience taught me everything to appreciate myself today," she explained.
Am I right to worry - and to want to protect myself in this way?
I kept myself going after the surgery, much as I would if I had fallen onstage.
I'm being direct, I'm putting myself about a bit more and I'm taking on defenders, and they don't like it.
I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of in the past months.
I forced myself to read a bit of the newspaper each day, beginning with a target of five minutes' reading.
Although he happily watched me light the sabbath candles and even attended synagogue once, he was never going to be a part of the religious life I was constructing for myself.
Having decided that the unstructured life of a freelancer was bad for my mental health in such circumstances, I got myself a good job, as an associate producer on a Barbara Waiters AIDS special.
I was all by myself though so all my friends assume I'm lying about that.
Like anybody who has dominated the game - myself maybe or whoever it might have been at the time - Tiger doesn't have to play his best to win.
At least this is the case before the conscience becomes completely numb, as patterns of sin become the structure of my life to the extent that hell, far from being a possible next-life experience, is where I find myself in this life.