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When I sit in my seat to watch Terry and his mates play for Chelsea, a team, like most Premier League sides, which would be nowhere without its brilliantly talented black players, my blood runs cold when racist hatred slips out of the mouths of the bigots in the crowd as naturally as water running out of a tap.
TRAVIE McCOY Lazarus (Fueled By Ramen) MY blood runs cold at the sight of 'featuring'.
My blood runs cold to think that this hate-filled fanatic once sat in judgment on his fellow man and woman.
We can laugh about it now but my blood runs cold when I think it could easily have blinded or even killed him.
WHENEVER we get a glimpse of Paddy (AKA the vet who shoots horses) at work, my blood runs cold.
Nigel, who spent three days in intensive care, said: "When I think of what could have happened, my blood runs cold.