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mutual admiration society

A disparaging term for two (or more) people who engage in lavish mutual praise and admiration. I can't stand working with Tony and Linda. They praise each other from the moment they walk through the door—it's like they've formed a mutual admiration society!

a mutual admiration society

a situation in which two people express a lot of admiration for each other 'You haven't aged at all.' 'Neither have you and look how slim you are!' 'Hey, you two, why don't you form a mutual admiration society!'

mutual admiration society

A relationship in which two people have strong feelings of esteem for each other and often exchange lavish compliments. The term may signify either genuine or pretended admiration, as in Each of them praised the other's book-it was a real mutual admiration society. The expression was invented by Henry David Thoreau in his journal (1851) and repeated by Oliver Wendell Holmes and others.

mutual admiration society

Two or more people who lavishly praise the other person's or people's personalities and accomplishments, often far beyond what is deserved. The phrase, which is said to have originated with Henry David Thoreau in 1851, may have been used earlier. Its use as the title of a song from the 1956 musical comedy Happy Hunting that was successfully recorded by a number of singers boosted the phrase's popularity.
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This sheet extending in the front-to-rear direction at the crotch area, and an inner body, containing an absorptive body and which is overlapped and anchored to the connecting sheet on the inside of the outer body, wherein at least a portion of both edges in the transverse direction of the connecting sheet are positioned farther to the inside in the transverse direction than both edges in the transverse direction of the inner body in an area between the front piece and the back piece, non-anchored areas where the connecting sheet and the inner body are not mutually anchored.
She said both sides attach high importance to the visit of President Xi Jinping to Pakistan, as early as possible, for promoting mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.
The agreement also stipulates taking steps to reach an agreement with the Agency on the conclusion of a Safeguards Approach for the IR-40 Reactor, providing mutually agreed relevant information and arranging for a technical visit to Lashkar Ab'ad Laser Centre.
Mutually Discreet launched their website with a very specific mindset.
Well apart from the boundary question, I do not think that there are any contentious issues between China and India and I have held consistently to the view in the last three years that we have a process which has been put in place even to iron out the differences on the boundary question and we are hopeful that we would be in a position to find a mutually acceptable resolution of these boundary questions," he added.
We support the efforts made by the UN Secretary-General and his Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross, to find a just, lasting and mutually acceptable solution," Alistair Burt, Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, told MAP on the occasion of his working visit to the Kingdom on Tuesday.
He said he hopes to continue expanding mutually beneficial relations.
The IRS field personnel maintained that the taxpayer intended to enter into one restructuring transaction; thus, all of the transactions considered were mutually exclusive and the associated costs should be capitalized under Sec.
The guest speakers, all of whom achieved a new level of success after forging mutually beneficial partnerships, were Jodi Pulice, founder and president of JRT Realty Group, Inc.
Again, two years of being in a sustained community of teachers mutually giving value to each others' voices appears to provide a context for teacher ongoing use of reciprocity in thinking and the development of legitimacy of voice as a pathway from idea to action.
0); the odds of using sex toys were reduced for individuals in mutually monogamous relationships (0.
And, as the Gallup poll demonstrated, successful business partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships.
Turns out the problem with the nation's current nuclear arsenal is that it was designed for the era of Mutually Assured Destruction, those MAD, halcyon days when nukes were intended to end civilization as we know it with a Strangelovian exchange of nuclear megatonage.
You are proof that these two goals are not only mutually compatible," he continued, "but are also mutually vital to successfully accomplishing our mission.
If the city agrees, this would be a mutually beneficial settlement for everyone involved,'' Bannister said.