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mutual admiration society

A disparaging term for two (or more) people who engage in lavish mutual praise and admiration. I can't stand working with Tony and Linda. They praise each other from the moment they walk through the door—it's like they've formed a mutual admiration society!

a mutual admiration society

a situation in which two people express a lot of admiration for each other 'You haven't aged at all.' 'Neither have you and look how slim you are!' 'Hey, you two, why don't you form a mutual admiration society!'

mutual admiration society

A relationship in which two people have strong feelings of esteem for each other and often exchange lavish compliments. The term may signify either genuine or pretended admiration, as in Each of them praised the other's book-it was a real mutual admiration society. The expression was invented by Henry David Thoreau in his journal (1851) and repeated by Oliver Wendell Holmes and others.

mutual admiration society

Two or more people who lavishly praise the other person's or people's personalities and accomplishments, often far beyond what is deserved. The phrase, which is said to have originated with Henry David Thoreau in 1851, may have been used earlier. Its use as the title of a song from the 1956 musical comedy Happy Hunting that was successfully recorded by a number of singers boosted the phrase's popularity.
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In addition, a board of directors may adopt a bylaw which provides that any violation of a bylaw adopted to preserve mutuality shall be a basis for termination as a member of the board.
At Nationwide, we believe mutuality matters, but we also recognise that an organisation really does have to work hard to make it matter.
Indeed, the combination seems more forced than blessed, marked by friction and tension rather than accommodation and mutuality.
This would follow in the footsteps of its arch rival, the Royal Automobile Club, which ended its mutuality last year.
It is a moral maxim of general altruism expressed by mutuality between a doer and others.
Nationwide's chief Brian Davis is keen for members to vote for mutuality.
To maintain both the fact and appearance of independence, Levitt said auditors needed to avoid all suggestions of mutuality of interests with the managements of companies for which they provide services.
This book, in its author's words, is "unapologetically a book with an agenda, trying to provide a glimpse of past struggles in order to help create another world" -- one in which gender hierarchy and patriarchy are replaced by mutuality, egalitarian social norms and a "revelling in difference" (286).
The bishops then deal with four challenges facing such relationships: living faithfully, giving life, growing in mutuality and taking time for one another.
Increasingly we see mutuality as a key differentiator in our business and we appreciate that S&P recognizes the value of this form of ownership.
BOURNEMOUTH, England, April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Teachers Assurance has today announced that they will be returning excess profits to their With-Profits members in the form of a Special Mutuality Bonus.
Last Friday I was one of a number of speakers at the Celebration of Mutuality conference at Birmingham Council House organised by the West Bromwich Building Society and supported by The Birmingham Post.
In a world that is increasingly dominated by an individualistic focus on success via unbridled market forces (and the devil take the hindmost), these pericopes remind us that as both the creation and re-creation of God in Christ, we share a mutuality in our existence.
But a spokesman said: "The board's position has always been that Standard Life will continue with mutuality as long as we think it is the right thing for our with-profits policyholders.