mutton dressed as lamb

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mutton dressed (up) as lamb

  (British informal)
an offensive way of saying that a woman is dressed in a style that is more suitable for a much younger woman Do you think this skirt is too short? I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.
See also: dress, lamb, mutton
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Rather than trying to look like a sophisticated older bride, Margaret was mutton dressed as lamb.
WE ALL think we know when we see mutton dressed as lamb in the human sense, but what of the origin of the condition.
There comes a certain age when if you're not careful, a lady can look like mutton dressed as lamb.
Despite just giving birth and despite the fact that she should look like mutton dressed as lamb at this stage of her life, she could have been Britney Spears when she gave a concert to a UK audience this week.
Brit Awarded as International Breakthrough Act, they were mutton dressed as lamb, middle-aged guys styled to look like some marketing bright spark's idea of a happening boy band.
Better now than risking looking like mutton dressed as lamb in our 50s.
In the last series, Miranda's neck appeared too long for her body and Sarah Jessica Parker often looked like mutton dressed as lamb, if you can when you've got hair like a demented poodle.
Rachel Hunter has hopefully at long last realised what a boring old fart her mutton dressed as lamb husband is.
IN the name of mutton dressed as lamb, Sinitta's latest witterings come courtesy of the category "Too Much Information".
A bit predictable but at least I won't looklike mutton dressed as lamb or -worse -like my mother.
being mutton dressed as lamb, I couldn't care less'' Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, left
Don't know what appeared on the dinner menu, but I'm guessing it was mutton dressed as lamb.
It's a rare talent but as mutton dressed as lamb I'm not half baahed.
But Trinny and Susannah are the best friends we all wish we had because they will tell us if we are frumps, fashion victims or mutton dressed as lamb.