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The banquet was served up in primitive style: skins of various kinds, nicely dressed for the occasion, were spread upon the ground; upon these were heaped up abundance of venison, elk meat, and mountain mutton, with various bitter roots which the Indians use as condiments.
At this moment she heard a hoarse laugh at her side, and turned to see what was the matter with the White Queen; but, instead of the Queen, there was the leg of mutton sitting in the chair.
Saddle of mutton," said he after profound reflection: "and cider to drink.
While we were enjoying our repast, Sir Pitt took occasion to ask what had become of the shoulders of the mutton.
As I perceive the mutton, I am glad she didn't hear it.
Miss Rugg, perhaps making up some of her arrears, likewise took very kindly to the mutton, and it rapidly diminished to the bone.
I never heerd a biled leg o' mutton called a swarry afore.
The greengrocer and his wife then arranged upon the table a boiled leg of mutton, hot, with caper sauce, turnips, and potatoes.
Tuckle proceeded to carve the leg of mutton, and to help the company.
Go further away from the leg of mutton, or you'll be picking it, I know,' said Miss Sally.
said Miss Brass, slicing off about two square inches of cold mutton, after all this preparation, and holding it out on the point of the fork.
The first ever Coventry City Council ethics committee hearing was held last night to discuss the complaint from Sky Blues owner Sisu and the company's chief executive Joy Seppala about the conduct of former council leader Coun John Mutton and current leader Coun Lucas.
IMPROVING the quality of mutton is key to realising the meat's untapped potential, specialist producers believe.
1, Output of Pork, Beef, Mutton, Poultry Meat and Poultry Eggs from 2000-2010 7
PRICES of mutton and chicken continued to shoot up in Delhi on Sunday after striking butchers of Idgah refused to shift to the newly constructed Ghazipur slaughter house.