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I found myself muttering under my breath like Dick Dastardly because it took a whole three seconds to "open" after pressing my finger on the fingerprint recognition button.
That's the new mantra I'm muttering under my breath as I approach any fuel pump these days.
Muttering under my breath, I entered the huge complex which houses the print media working area and also the International Broadcast Centre.
I didn't feel quite as glamorous as Penelope Pitstop and Peter Perfect was nowhere in sight to offer free mechanical aid, so I resorted to muttering under my breath.
Which was pretty much what I was muttering under my breath by the time the show had ended.
Miffed and probably muttering under my breath, I seek out a hostelry I frequented some time ago, and happen across the Castle Inn.
So when I was confronted by what seemed like thousands of screaming pre- teens during a supposed 'adult' swim, I spent most of my half hour fighting to swim through their antics while all the time muttering under my breath.
Muttering under my breath about selfish people spreading germs and grabbing an extra supply of Beechams, I went home to wait for the symptoms to set in.
I spent most of the time muttering under my breath about how this had better be good.
I should be muttering under my breath about education or something.