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I must give a word of caution for reservoir rods concerning the low water levels at our reservoirs.
The fitness center must be devoid of manual treadmills and instead stocked with high-tech equipment and a live personal trainer.
New changes in policies and economic reforms are musts.
The Shambles, with its selection of shops and eateries, and the Minster are musts to see, and there are plenty of pubs to choose from, supposedly one for every day of the year
For thrillers, look no further than Leonardo Di Caprio's Body Of Lies and when it comes to family entertainment, City Of Ember and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are musts.
They told me about the musts of their religions and, although I can no longer remember much of what I was told, some of it I do remember, especially the Sikh Kara, the iron or steel band which is worn on the wrist and should never be of silver or gold or any other ostentatious metal.
My Way De Solzen and Newmill would be better bankers than Fair Along and Well Chief in their races so are musts for any list, while Catch Me is a strong fancy to beat Aran Concerto in the Ballymore Properties.
It also backed subsidising the EU production of grape must and concentrated rectified must for enrichment, attacking European Commission plans to limit such handouts, while proposing banning the fermentation of imported musts and mixing them with EU-made musts.
The fundamental difference between musts and wants is that if one of the decision alternatives does not meet a "must", then that option should be rejected.
And with snow, eye protection and sunscreen are musts.
Expatriates, in order to avoid being taxed on worldwide income, musts ever physical ties with the United States, which is evidenced by presence in the United States for no more than 30 days in each year in the 10-year period after expatriation.
Survey Survival Techniques: Nutritional systems for dealing with specific needs are musts for most facilities, e.
The deal required moving his family to another city, and to him life insurance and an assistant were musts.