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after meat, mustard

A phrase emphasizing that something has come too late to be useful (like mustard after meat has already been eaten). A: "Here, I finished my project, Mr. Smith!" B: "Ah, after meat, mustard. I've already submitted your final grade, and it's too late to change it."
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cut the cheese

 and cut the mustard
Sl. to release intestinal gas. (Crude. Use caution with the topic.) Who cut the cheese? People who cut the mustard in the car have to get out and walk.
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not cut the mustard

not satisfactory or right for the situation Cutting taxes for the rich doesn't cut the mustard with most middle-class people.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form cut the mustard: When you're a kid, you always think you have to prove that you can cut the mustard.
Related vocabulary: not cut it
See also: cut, mustard, not

can't cut the mustard

  (British, American & Australian) also can't cut it (British)
if you can't cut the mustard, you cannot deal with problems or difficulties If she can't cut the mustard, we'll have to find someone else to do the job.
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be as keen as mustard

  (British & Australian old-fashioned)
to be very eager Why don't we ask Tom to captain the cricket team? He's as keen as mustard.
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cut the mustard

Perform satisfactorily, as in We need a better catcher; this one just doesn't cut the mustard. The origin of this expression is disputed. Some believe it alludes to mustard in the sense of the best or main attraction (owing to its spicing up food), whereas others believe it is a corruption of pass muster. Still others hold that it concerns the preparation of mustard, which involves adding vinegar to mustard seed to "cut" (reduce) its bitterness. The expression is often in negative form, as in the example. [Slang; c. 1900]
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cut the cheese

and cut the mustard and cut a muffin
tv. to release intestinal gas. (Usually objectionable.) People who cut the mustard in the car have to get out and walk! Somebody cut a muffin!
See also: cheese, cut

cut the mustard

See also: cut, mustard

cut the mustard

1. tv. to be able to do something requiring youth or vigor. (Usually in the expression too old to cut the mustard.) Do you really think he can cut the mustard?
2. Go to cut the cheese.
See also: cut, mustard

cut the cheese

Vulgar Slang
To expel intestinal gas.
See also: cheese, cut

cut the mustard

To perform up to expectations or to a required standard.
See also: cut, mustard
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A light coating of mustardy, garlicky bread crumbs gave the meat just the right crust.
I will soon be done with my mixed leaves and Little Gems, so it's out with them and in with the delightfully delicate pak choi and the more rugged mustardy mizuna lettuce.
Three crunch-coated shellfish curled across the plate, anchored by a scoop of mustardy cream.
To begin I ate bayonne ham - tender, salty, sweet and wonderful - with an old fashioned salad that included chunks of a tangy soft cheese and was coated in a good, mustardy dressing.
This mix of veg in a pungently spicy, mustardy dressing was superb.
I suppose it's me being simply a sucker for dill - I adore the herb, with its unique pungent, aniseed-y flavour, in anything from pickles to creamy sauces - but the combination of the fresh herb with a sweet salt cure and the freshest fillet of salmon just does the trick, especially when combined with a sweet-sour mustardy sauce (heaped with more of that delicious dill) and some good brown bread.
The beef had plenty of mustardy oomph on the outside but no meatiness in itself.
Sunday lunch was more adventurous starting with a flowering, deep fried onion with a mustardy, curry dip (I ate most of that) followed by fresh goujons of sea bass and tuna for me and delicious cod in beer batter with chips for Mark.
ASDA's sliced gammon joint comes in a mustardy Dijon sauce which will zap up your vegetables too.
And you can't help loving the result, even if it tends to be slightly too mustardy.
Regular readers will remember the odd-sounding yet utterly delicious Italian 'mostarda' I made; sweet candied fruit in a hot mustardy syrup.
The variety Viridis has bushy green tassels fading to a mustardy cream.
Mostarda di Frutta is a brilliant pickle, made by steeping dried or fresh fruits in a strong mustardy syrup.