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ethnic music

Traditional music of a particular ethnic group or community. I love all types of music, especially the ethnic music you hear in the big city.
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be music to (one's) ears

To be exciting or pleasant to hear. School being closed for a snow day was music to my kids' ears. After such a stressful day at work, news that my friends had to cancel our dinner was music to my ears.
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music to (one's) ears

Something that is pleasing to hear, such as good news. Primarily heard in UK. When Michelle heard that her son and daughter-in-law were going to have a baby, it was music to her ears.
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chin music

slang Talk or chatter. Can you guys please be quiet? Your chin music is distracting me from my work.
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elevator music

Soft, usually jazzy recorded music played in public places. The phrase is often used derisively. This elevator music is putting me to sleep, so let's go walk around the mall again.
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arrange some music for something

to prepare or adapt music for particular instruments or for a particular musical key. Paul arranged the piece for piano. This piece was arranged for the guitar by Frank's brother.
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chin music

Fig. Inf. talk; conversation. Whenever those two get together, you can be sure there'll be plenty of chin music. Bill just loves to hear himself talk. He'll make chin music for hours at a time.
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face the music

Fig. to receive punishment; to accept the unpleasant results of one's actions. Mary broke a dining-room window and had to face the music when her father got home. After failing a math test, Tom had to go home and face the music.
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make chin music

Fig. to talk or chatter. We sat around all evening making chin music. You were making chin music when you should have been listening.
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music to someone's ears

Fig. a welcome sound to someone; news that someone is pleased to hear. A: Here's your paycheck for this month. B: Ah, that's music to my ears!
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set something to music

to write a piece of music to accompany a set of words. The musician set my lyrics to music. The rock band set the poem to music.
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stop the music

 and stop the presses
Inf. Stop everything!; Hold it! (Presses refers to the printing presses used to print newspapers. This means that there is recent news of such magnitude that the presses must be stopped so a new edition can be printed immediately.) John (entering the room): Stop the music! There's a fire in the kitchen! Mary: Good grief! Let's get out of here! "Stop the presses!" shouted Jane. "I have an announcement."
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canned laughter

Also, canned music. Prerecorded sound effects that can be played repeatedly, as in That canned laughter doesn't make his jokes any funnier, or Canned music is greatly reducing the number of musical jobs available. O. Henry had the term in his story, Cabbages and Kings (1903): "We'll export canned music to the Latins." Canned laughter today is often used in broadcasting to simulate the reaction of a nonexistent live audience. [c. 1900]
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face the music

Confront unpleasantness, especially the consequences of one's errors. For example, When the check bounced, he had to face the music. The precise allusion in this expression has been lost. Most authorities believe it refers to a theater's pit orchestra, which an actor must face when he faces what can be a hostile audience, but some hold it comes from the military, where a formal dismissal in disgrace would be accompanied by band music. [Second half of 1800s] Also see face up to.
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music to one's ears

Very pleasing information, excellent news, as in So they're getting married? That's music to my ears.
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face the music

COMMON If you face the music, you accept responsibility for something that you have done wrong and you prepare yourself to be criticized or punished for it. We were foreigners in a forbidden area, the authorities had found out and we were about to face the music. Sooner or later, she'll have to face the music and it won't be pleasant. Note: The `music' in this expression may refer to the orchestra at an opera or musical. The orchestra sits in front of the stage, so when a performer faces the audience, they also face the orchestra, or `music'. Alternatively, the expression may come from an army practice in which a soldier who had been dismissed for dishonourable behaviour was sent away with drums beating.
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music to your ears

COMMON If something that someone says is music to your ears, you are very happy to hear it. That must have been music to your ears, Carlo, to hear how much they respect you. `There'll be another big bonus in it for you.' — `Music to my ears.'
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elevator music

n. dull, uninteresting music of the type that can be heard in elevators or shops. (see also ear candy.) Elevator music is better than listening to someone chewing food.
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face the music

tv. to receive the rebuke that is due one. (see also chinmusic.) You have to face the music eventually.
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Stop the music!

exclam. Stop!; Stop whatever is happening! (From an old radio game show called Stop the Music!) “Stop the music!” hollered the conductor, making a little joke.
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face the music

To accept the unpleasant consequences, especially of one's own actions.
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Stop the music! Hold everything!

Stop The Music was a popular radio quiz show that began in 1947 and moved to television a year later. Studio contestants and home listeners or viewers (by telephone) heard a song played, then try to be the first one to guess its title. As soon as contestants indicated that they knew the answer, emcee Burt Parks shouted the show's title. Thanks to the program, anyone who wanted to break into a conversation to make a point or to get someone's attention yelled “stop the music!”
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References in classic literature ?
Well, Raoul, my father is in Heaven, and I have been visited by the Angel of Music.
A Mr Morrison,' sad Annette, indifferently, 'rang up on the telephone and asked me to tell you that he was greatly worried by the piles of music which were littering the rooms you lent him.
I haven't any nerves, thank goodness, but your music makes my cotton shrink.
The low passion of the music rippled from the stage, through the senses and into the hearts of many of the listeners.
You admire their voices, yet say they spoiled the music.
Wyvil stopped Mirabel, on the point of trying to escape from the music.
came the music to their ears, more distinctly as they drew nearer the house.
The orchestra of yellow silk women and bald-headed men gave vent to a few bars of anticipatory music and a girl, in a pink dress with short skirts, galloped upon the stage.
It was rather a failure, however, and after a tour of the picture shops she went to give Maud a lesson, feeling that it was very hard to quench her longings, and subside into a prim little music teacher.
He was just a youth, and he loved music with all his heart, and he longed to be able to express the melody that was in his soul.
Julius possessed, in his wife, one of the few players on the piano-forte under whose subtle touch that shallow and soulless instrument becomes inspired with expression not its own, and produces music instead of noise.
Then now, my friend, I said, that part of music or literary education which relates to the story or myth may be considered to be finished; for the matter and manner have both been discussed.
Music enwrapped her, and she could not enter into the distinction that divides young men whom one takes an interest in from young men whom one knows.
Joe and Delia met in an atelier where a number of art and music students had gathered to discuss chiaroscuro, Wagner, music, Rembrandt's works, pictures, Waldteufel, wall paper, Chopin and Oolong.
Varenka came, however, in the evening and brought a roll of music with her.