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spring up like mushrooms

To increase in number suddenly and rapidly (as mushrooms often do). Even though I'm constantly tending to my garden, the weeds just spring up like mushrooms nonetheless. I thought I only had a transmission problem, but other issues with the car are now springing up like mushrooms.
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mushroom into something

Fig. to grow suddenly into something large or important. The question of pay suddenly mushroomed into a major matter. The unpaid bill mushroomed into a nasty argument and, finally, a court battle.
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magic mushrooms

and sacred mushrooms
n. mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe, which cause visions or hallucinations when eaten. (Drugs.) Magic mushrooms are okay because they are natural, or something like that. They sometimes call peyote cactus buds, the “sacred mushrooms.”
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sacred mushrooms

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The mushrooms with white caps and those having rings on their trunks are poisonous and must not be eaten.
Cultivated mushrooms have become popular with over 200 genera of useful macro fungi in the world.
His restaurants across the country will be showcasing mushroom specials throughout September and October and will also be selling products like white truffle oil, mushroom knives and Burro al Tartufo truffle butter.
Brown mushrooms made up a smaller share of the category at 30.
Mushroom cultivation in Macedonia could be a profitable business if there is a vision and if the market is well-analyzed, said Mitko Beljmezov from Strumica, who is the only cultivator of the healing mushroom Reishi on the Balkan.
Benal further said the consumption level of mushrooms in India is around 30 grams per capita whereas that of the world is around three kilograms.
The report comes without any photographs of the mushrooms.
Conradie says apart from providing the project members with mushrooms to consume, the members benefit by sharing the profits made from the harvest when they sell the mushrooms.
The Mushroom Garden, located at one of the National Trust's smallest holdings in the UK near Beddgelert in Gwynedd, grows a range of specialist mushrooms used in dishes created in high-end restaurants and sold to outlets like Harvey Nichols.
Siegel, a nationally known mycologist from Royalston, will lead forays and offer talks on beginning mushroom identification and common edible mushrooms of the Northeast.
When it comes to frozen mushrooms, Venlo, Holland-headquartered Scelta Mushrooms regards itself as second to none.
The AMI Update reports that fresh mushrooms will be one of the commodities sampled for the U.
An estimated 4,200 people braved a rainy afternoon at Mount Pisgah Arboretum on Sunday to eat mushrooms, look at fungi, learn about them and celebrate the 30th anniversary of what organizers say is the largest mushroom festival on the West Coast.
You soak them in non-chlorinated water about every two weeks and every two months you 'shock' them with ice water to trigger the mushrooms.
A two-step process of washing harvested mushrooms greatly inhibits the growth of foodborne pathogens and extends their shelf life, according to Penn State scientists.