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spring up like mushrooms

To increase in number suddenly and rapidly (as mushrooms often do). Even though I'm constantly tending to my garden, the weeds just spring up like mushrooms nonetheless. I thought I only had a transmission problem, but other issues with the car are now springing up like mushrooms.
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like mushrooms

Very quickly and in great quantities. Used in reference to things or people appearing. As the economy recovered and jobs became more plentiful, high-rise apartments started popping up like mushrooms to accommodate the huge influx of worker pouring into the city. Self-professed writers started appearing like mushrooms with the advent of the blog.
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mushroom into something

Fig. to grow suddenly into something large or important. The question of pay suddenly mushroomed into a major matter. The unpaid bill mushroomed into a nasty argument and, finally, a court battle.
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like mushrooms

suddenly and in great numbers.
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magic mushrooms

and sacred mushrooms
n. mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe, which cause visions or hallucinations when eaten. (Drugs.) Magic mushrooms are okay because they are natural, or something like that. They sometimes call peyote cactus buds, the “sacred mushrooms.”
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sacred mushrooms

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