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6 ( ANI ): Mushroom farmers in Himachal Pradesh are looking forward to exporting their brand of hill-grown mushrooms, even as the state is emerging as a farmer-friendly hub and setting an example for farmers in other parts of the country to emulate.
He [Kim] called on the farm to mass-produce fungi to send them to mushroom farms to be built in the future and compile good technical guides for cultivating mushrooms in an industrial method for various units," said state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).
A mushroom house was set up at the centre to facilitate the cultivation and harvesting of the mushrooms, however the members still need funding to buy the neccessary equipment and office stationery such as packaging material, as well as a vehicle.
The company, created by Cynan Jones, was awarded the Most Innovative Product for its Mushroom seasoning and their Mushroom "Caviar" was also among the winning entries at the Real Food Festival hosted by the National Trust in London this autumn.
Allen will speak about using mushroom pigments for dyes and watercolors.
Klerken's roots in the mushroom business go back to his teenage years, when he worked at Champex, a mushroom-growing and canning company founded by his father in 1963.
Blending Fresh Mushroom Compost into Landscape Mulch as a Solution for Artillery Fungus by Don Davis and Mike Fidanza adds research to a previous study that focused on aged mushroom compost.
The Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival took over the arboretum for the day with food booths, a hayride, scores of costumed festivalgoers and, naturally, displays of mushrooms.
Mushroom farmers Sandra and Doug Williams of Lost Creek Mushroom Farm inoculate the logs and incubate them for months until they are ready to produce, or "fruit.
These are the button variety, the predominant edible mushroom species worldwide.
Do not stack mushroom packages more than two or three high
a global leader in medicinal mushroom extract supplements, announced that it has changed its name to Mushroom Wisdom Inc.
Sebastopol, CA, has grown into a pioneer of exotic mushroom cultivation, producing more than 30 different mushroom species for the nutraceuticals and culinary trades.
A further disappointment for consumers looking forward to the autumn delicacy will be a price hike of the already costly homegrown matsutake mushrooms that are expected to top 10,000 yen ($87) for a single mushroom this autumn, according to a major department store chain.
However, it has been hypothesized that the manna found in the Christian bible may have been a kind of mushroom sent by God to feed Israelites during their stay in the desert.