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Does your caravan look like a museum piece next to the modern day versions?
Moreover, due to the recent rightward swing of much of the opinion press--most notably at the always au courant offices of its primary competitor, The New Republic--The Nation has earned the reputation in Washington as something of a museum piece, written by bearded Jewish radicals for sixties holdovers and public librarians.
DISCOVERY ended its career as the world's most-flown spaceship yesterday, returning from orbit for the last time and taking off in a new direction as a museum piece.
But it is no museum piece, instead crammed full of cafes, restaurants and bars, making it one of modern Central Europe''s most vibrant and "happening" places, and one which is especially lively in the evening.
Left virtually unchanged since the doors closed for business back in 1981 - even then it was a museum piece.
They want to tur n our city into a museum, but a museum piece in 21st-century Britain will not survive.
The Vetch 1912-2005 group want the 91-year-old Centre South Stand to become a museum piece when the ground becomes redundant at the end of this season.
But far from it becoming a museum piece, the store has plans for their monster catch.
If this is the machine that you have, then it is a museum piece and still very rare.
Celtic hero Jimmy Johnstone joked that Denis, at 62, did indeed resemble a museum piece.
Far from roping it off as a museum piece, current owners John Berkeley, 81, and wife Georgina, 73, still regularly tuck themselves up in it in the castle's Great State Bedroom.
If so here-we have an egg that must be a museum piece, as eggs go.
5m on updating buses, so why did I have to travel home on an ancient, bone-shaking, museum piece double decker on the Whitchurch/Rhiwbina route?
The city council must wake up to the fact that we are a major city, not some historical museum piece, and send these objectors back down south where they can campaign against developments in London.
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