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murmur against someone or something

to grumble about someone or something. Everyone was murmuring against the manager. The citizens will begin murmuring about the government soon.
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murmur at (someone or an animal)

to say something softly or indistinctly to someone or an animal. Stop murmuring at me. Speak up! Gene sat alone, murmuring at his favorite cat for over an hour.
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without a murmur

if you do something without a murmur, you do it without complaining Louise was so tired that she went to bed without a murmur for once.
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Satan, like the sonnet's murmurer, slanders God by "murmuring" and charges a Maker who "exacts" glory from his subjects as the God of the sonnet's octave "exacts day-labour" (PR III.
12) He also entitled the eleventh of his possible outlines for tragedies on Old Testament themes, "the murmurers.
Yet once the effects of passion seize the spectator, instead of lauding Titus's noble choice to sacrifice his love, the spectator begrudges it: "Il finit par plaindre cet homme sensible qu'il meprisoit; par s'interesser a cette meme passion dont il lui faisoit un crime; par murmurer en secret du sacrifice qu'il est force d'en faire aux loix de la patrie" (V 49).