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murky waters

A situation or circumstance that is foreign, unclear, or unfamiliar and which may be dangerous or difficult as a result. We're starting to get into murky waters exploiting these tax loopholes. If we aren't careful, the government may crack down on us hard! John keeps himself so closed off that I've never understood the murky waters of his emotions.
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(be in/get into) murky/uncharted ˈwaters

(be in/get into) a difficult or dangerous situation that you do not know anything about: As I opened up the computer to try and fix the problem, I realized that I was getting into completely uncharted waters and decided to leave it to the experts.
Murky water is dark or dirty. If somebody is in uncharted waters, they are in an area of sea or ocean that is not known or recorded on a map.
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One can get irked by his pen pictures and images (such as Charlie McCallum's bravery at Isurava "seemed more Schwarzenegger than Anzac", of tanks at Milne Bay being "Daleks", the Japanese at Milne Bay demonstrated "the barbarity of rampant Visigoths", or that "Rowell could be murkily self-indulgent" to cite a few.
We invade Iraq together, murkily privatize social welfare, militarize our universities and the media.
This stance comes across somewhat murkily because the meaning of these "regional princely associations" is not explored, and different kinds of privileged elites and "politicized estates" (p.
Seduced by vividly imagined surfaces, we quickly find ourselves plunged into murkily real emotional depths.
They're inside the administration, in an area murkily called development.
Despite its supposed pragmatic, objective purpose, How We Die turned out to be a deeply, if murkily, personal book.
It is a long, deceptively casual poem about a lesbian on a murkily dangerous road trip in South Dakota, which begins, "They all think I'm a man, and take a long second look,/ or listen closely to my voice, before they apologize" and ends, "I grip the wheel and floor it," which by then is exactly what we feel very strongly she should do.
Aside from saving mutantkind in a series of stunt-packed explosive set pieces, themes of family - betrayal and loyalty - loom large as once again the subtexts tackle murkily grey issues of racism and tolerance.
This competitor--the electronic one that is murkily referred to as "the Internet" --directly challenges the "core competency" that newspapers have enjoyed for so long with splendid and unthreatened confidence.
Several things murkily entered into Hooper's coming here tonight.
For more than a decade, students taking courses in literature, film, "cultural studies," and even, in some cases, anthropology and political science were taught that the world is just a socially constructed "text" about which you can say just about anything you want, provided you say it murkily enough.
Preferring to keep a polite distance from the seemingly unruly collection, all save a handful of intrepid critics have dealt with it murkily, as an obligation at best.
She had waited too long between dances, although back at home, she had put on a disc and danced up a storm, alone on the linoleum floor of the kitchen, unselfconscious and giddy, moony and exhuberant, transparent to the girl who had first danced in the arms of a bulky boy holding her close on a summer afternoon, singing murkily off-pitch into her ear earth angel, earth angel.
While I will not discuss the conceptual history of sovereignty here, for purposes of this essay it is important to recognize, as has been noted recently, that state practices only murkily reflect formal, diplomatic definitions of sovereignty, and sovereignty is often highly conditional and socially determined in practice.